“Because The Bible Says So” Does Not Answer Every Question Or Legitimize Hate

26 Apr

To my left, God is the Christian God. To my right, it is Allah. A couple houses down, It is the God of the Old Testament. The Hindus in the cul-de-sac … I suppose it could be Vishnu or something. Are they all right or are they all wrong? Each is completely right depending on who you ask. With religion, it means someone is always wrong for no objective or logical reason. Physics, chemistry, biology – it’s the same everywhere. Life can be created in a lab anywhere by anyone with the correct formula. Living organisms can be cloned. But that doesn’t mean the people who can do that are gods.It just means they are really freakin’ smart.


By Amanda Fox

Over the course of the last week, I’ve come face-to-face with intolerance in many different ways – even my own intolerance. It’s true – there are certain things I won’t tolerate, I’m no different from anyone else in that regard. The specific issue we’ve dealt with, however, is religious intolerance. To me, in many ways, that is the worst intolerance of all. The thing is, it hasn’t been a matter of us not tolerating people having religious views that differ from us, it has been the religious not tolerating our views.

As I have written about here before, I was raised with religion being a central point of life. Even after my dad was widowed and married a Bible thumping Southern Baptist that was ready to pin every evil of the world on demon liberals like the Kennedy’s (Whom we are actually related to on my mother’s side…

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