Who Gave You The Right?

22 Apr

Lately it seems that it’s okay to take a gun and defend my country but it is bad if I want to marry to another woman. It’s okay if I’m a whore with my husband in bed and I meet his needs but it´s bad if I exercise prostitution to feed my children.

These examples are extreme but real. They are too real for too many women around the world. Before judging how I live or what I do you better know my story – and the same is true of everyone.

Nobody has the right to judge another person just because they like to hear them self talk or it makes them feel superior.


By Barbara Farina

Lately it seems that people think they can do and say whatever they want just because they have mouths. It’s like they think if they don’t use them – all the time – they will lose them. Not everything that people say is bad, but far too often, people speak up only to tear others down.

I want to be very clear with this and there be no confusion. Nobody, and I mean nobody, can talk about me or for me. In the same way, I think and this is true of everyone. No one can speak for another person or judge another person’s life or how that person chooses to live it just because one day they woke up and believed them self to be an evangelist that comes to save us.

Apparently, some men, and women, believe that women must live and act…

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