20 Jun

This is a must read for everyone. Gets right sown to what we all know and feel at some point.

Occupy My Love

This whole experience reminds me of when I’m out shopping for a shirt. Often, I only go out for one article of clothing, like a shirt or pants. Whatever it is I think I need.

I arrive to a particular store and begin to browse. I have this rule, however, when I’m shopping. I absolutely have to fall in love with it or else I’m not going to buy it. The price tag is irrelevant, unless it’s priced ridiculously high. Still, without fail, there is always that one item that catches my eye, but it isn’t love at first sight. I pick it up. Look it all over. I put it over my body to estimate the fit. I never go to the fitting room, I’ve never needed to as I can easily tell if it’ll fit nicely or not. I like it, but do I want to buy it?…

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