HRC Turns a Corner – New Youth Study Highlights Struggles of LGBT Youth

11 Jun


And shows the Importance of Full Equality and  a Welcome to Chad Griffin
By Melanie Nathan, June 08, 2012.

The Joe Solmonese reign at HRC hailed what many termed an elitist era at the Human Rights Campaign. But still the organization carried the hope of the T shirt button buying masses.  While personifying the status “GAY INC,” Solmonese helped land President Obama at HRC galas, and at the same time incurred the wrath of grass roots activists with invalidation and snub. But now it is time to welcome the possibility of a new HRC under the leadership of Chad Griffin in the hope that the stain of years gone by will find its track to a fast fade.

So in the spirit of the new, without much further ado, I personally welcome Chad Griffin to his new beat and trust that his tenancy will find its way to an inclusive…

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