Gays Launch ‘Homophobia’ Accusations at Evangelicals in Anti-Bullying Debate .

23 May

Rivers of Hope

Ontario legislature

Evangelical attorneys are taking the issue of school bullying to court on Tuesday, but the issue of alleged “homophobia” seems to be muddying the waters.

Don Hutchinson, vice president and general legal counsel of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada (EFC), appeared before the Standing Committee on Social Policy hearing of the Ontario Legislature in Ottawa on Tuesday morning. The Committee is also hearing from members of the public on Bills 13 and 14, which are proposed school anti-bullying laws.

Although the EFC supports anti-bullying initiatives in Ontario schools, Hutchinson argues that Bill 12 is deeply flawed because it offers junk statistics or American statistics that have been used to inform the Ontario legislation. But EFC is also focusing on how the term “homophobe” has been misused to label and ostracize many who have expressed concern about Bill 13.

An Alliance for Family Values study reveals that 90…

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