‘M’ or ‘F’ ???

22 May

Subh Dasgupta's Blog

Some things are pretty definite in life. No matter how confused one is about the various truths and lies of life, there are some things which are certain – about which, one doesn’t need to lose much sleep. Yes, there are some things, thankfully – like ‘sex’. Every time you have filled out a form, I bet it was not that hard to write ‘M’ or ‘F’ in the small box under “Sex”.
Or was it ???

Horror of horrors, for some people it is hard to write ‘M’ or ‘F’ with definite authority. There are conflicts within – there is an inner voice saying something else, whispering all the while in their ears – “You are someone else”.

The recent episode involving the sex change petition filed by 21year old Guwahati boy Bidhan Baruah, and the subsequent unfolding of his story on national television, made me think – long…

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