Website reviews:

13 May is the web based vehicle being used to spread the word regarding “awareness about the diverse communities of trans individuals, families, and allies. The site is designed and maintained by the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition with support from GLAD. As a fledgling site, it is primarily maintained by volunteers and interns, but that hardly equates to poor quality. If anything, the quality of content and the user interface is excellent and provides new twists that are both compelling enough to warrant return visits, and informative enough to not be a waste of time.

What you can expect to find at are  the video and written testimonies of people in the transgender community willing to speak up about their identity, their life, and being transgender. It also serves as the base for the “I AM” project which was developed to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions about the transgender community as well as transphobia. It is also the first portal known to be solely dedicated to providing a place where transgender people can share their stories. There are no ads, nor forums dedicated to any other issues, just transgender people and their life.

Each video and written testimony is heartfelt and goes a long way with keeping with the similar “It Gets Better” project which is aimed at LGB persons primarily. To spend time with these video and written testimonies is almost like actually meeting the actual person behind each and identifying the commonalities you share with them beyond being a transgender person alone. That in and of itself is priceless for many.

The site itself is very easy to navigate and colorful without being obnoxious. Everything is presented with easy to find and access tabs that allow users to quickly jump from one point to the next. There are areas for transpeople, allies, and family members to share their stories as well as an educational area tabbed “Trans 101.” The site does accept donations to continue operating and fund projects, but they are not obnoxious about it, and providing your email for contact does not result in a slew of spam mails.

Overall it is a very enjoyable site that will be a great pleasure to watch develop and grow. The video journals can be quite stirring and help put the face of real and courageous people on the community we call transgender. Transmen and transwomen are equally represented and the overall feel of the site is one of great comfort and acceptance.

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