The top online lesbian dating sites

1 May

The top online lesbian dating sites are actually few and far between, just like dating sites of any genre there’s a lot of garbage out there designed to do little more than cull your information for sale to other companies and drain your money. Don’t lose faith though, there are some that deliver as promised that really do a super job of getting you in touch with real people. What follows is an overview of what those sites are and why they are good.

Some of these sites are free, other require a fee for full services and I’ll let you know about that as well as their other features. My criteria in compiling this list is based on membership, features, navigability, and the little things that one way or another separate the site from the pack. With that in mind let’s get you hooked up!

One of the hidden gems is which is a free site and that’s always nice! What you’ll find here is a diverse membership base representing all ethnicity, religions, locales, and genres of lesbian. It tends to be a bit more mature, not so many 18 year olds, more professionals, at least more so than most free sites. They keep the interface simple and offer little ice-breakers like the send a smile feature to let someone know you’re interested before you put in tons of time sending an email. There is none of that “upgrade” business to send or read your e-mail from other members. The registration is very quick, the bio pages are flexible, and they allow up to five photos per profile. Many sites allow more but that really is sufficient. They operate under several names but the all link together regardless of which you joined without the fuss of going from site to site.

Adult is another free site to give a peek. While this site allows the option for a more intimate nature of searching criteria for those who prefer that, it is not the standard or only search type available. Their membership is international and the site is active. Something nice here are the communication and privacy rules. No credit card or address information is needed to verify registration and a member my not communicate with you beyond sending a permission request for future contact. This gives you awesome control!

The blocking tools and filters are excellent and actually work as do the hide tools. They also offer secure communication (no direct e-mail to your registration address), all lifestyle’s are accepted, again it’s free, and the site is designed to be relationship-centric rather than focused on the hook-up. This is an incredibly simple attractive site to use, you won’t waste time wading through tons of garbage to get where you’re going, and the cornucopia of diverse people makes this a top notch site.

The last site to discuss is Ldate is a tiered site in that there are membership upgrades should you desire them, but the free membership allows profile searching, reading and replying to emails, forum use, a blog, online chat, viewing videos, and most all the basic features you need. You can remain a standard user and have success here. it is easy to join and they do not share your personal information which is always a huge bonus.

This is a bit of more serious upscale site as you would expect offering news and dating advice as well as the above mentioned features. Something I really like here is if you see a picture on site it is verified! No more wondering if that is really the person who has the profile, when it’s stamped verified you know for sure! Likewise you can choose to verify your age and occupation as well to provide even more credibility to your profile. I have to tell you it makes a huge difference to see a profile that verified! The paid membership isn’t necessary but if you spend a lot of time here it’s worth it, and as a nice bonus they will pay actual cash (Up to $100) or award gold memberships up to six months to people that make suggestions they can use to improve the site.

Overall the site is laid out well, it is easy to navigate and it attracts a tremendously diverse group of ladies. You’ll find everyone from lipstick’s to drag kings here of all ages and backgrounds. If you’re really serious about dating this is the best site to start. Friendly people, incredible features, and superior support make this a true winner!

There are other quality sites to be sure but these are the three best online lesbian dating sites in my opinion, the opinion of a lesbian that’s taken the time to register and check them out. They each offer something different and not all users have the same goal on dating sites so saying one is better than the other is tough. Were I to use one regularly, Ldating would be my top choice and i would get the gold membership. As good as the site is the gold membership makes it even better. Try them all out and decide for yourself, they are all free to try after all so there’s no risk involved. Happy hunting!

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