Is Homosexuality Natural?

8 Apr

There’s an old saying that the surest way to get into an argument with someone is to discuss one of two subjects: politics or religion. While that may be true, it is not necessarily the complete truth, because that list of hot topics should be expanded to include homosexuality in general, and this question in particular. This question has long been the subject of fiercely heated debate; few others can open that proverbial “can of worms” like the issue of nature vs. nurture.

I feel that homosexuality is an issue that can never be fully understood unless it has been a part of your personal experience; if you have never experienced homosexual feelings or had to deal with the related issues that arise from them…either for yourself, or because of a friend or loved one in your life who is gay…then there is no possible way that you could even begin to comprehend it, and you are therefore not even qualified to be debating the question in the first place! With that said, here are my views on the subject.


Is Homosexuality Natural?.

via Is Homosexuality Natural?.

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