Do I have time? No – but I can make it….

8 Apr

The T and others have brought up a very valid point…Do I have the time to date? Do I have time for a relationship?

I have mentioned my 4 part time jobs, and two kids…yes I keep busy.�
One of my jobs is 30 hours a week, the other three are 7 hours, 3.5
hours and 6 hours respectively. I teach music in two different before or
after school programs and I’m concertmaster of a small symphony
orchestra. When I write them all down and calculate the hours, it’s no
wonder I get overwhelmed…I’d never thought about my schedule as an
almost 50 hour a week commitment.
Lots of the time I feel as if I am a waitress in a diner, screaming out
orders and flying around the kitchen doing five things at once.


Do I have time? No – but I can make it…..

via Do I have time? No – but I can make it…..

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