Dealing With The Loss Of A Dear Friend

7 Apr

Very powerful, very moving.

The untimely passing of a good friend is never an easy thing. Until it happens to us, we usually don’t realize what a profound effect it will have on our lives. It is always a great shock. Not only that, it’s also an event that tends to put a lot of things into perspective in very short order. It is only when this kind of loss occurs that we are truly shown how fragile life can be…how quickly it can be lost. Our daily lives often get so busy, and we encounter so many distractions, that we sometimes forget how vitally important it is to appreciate the little things that we are given. I have always wondered why it is that it takes a sad occasion like this to remind us that we must savor each experience and enjoy every single moment of this life as if it were our last.


Dealing With The Loss Of A Dear Friend.

via Dealing With The Loss Of A Dear Friend.

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