The effects on relationships because of Gender Identity Disorder (Pt. 2)

1 Apr

With each damaged relationship it becomes harder and harder to tell more people as the fear of loss can become overwhelming. When trying to form new relationships often times these new friends may not be aware you have GID and the decision will eventually arise as to whether or not to tell this person, and if so when and how? If it is romantic in nature the decision to disclose this can be so difficult and horrifying the person may actually choose to sever the relationship on their own rather than face the possible outcome. It is hard to have faith in a relationship when you go into masking something so big, yet that fear of judgement, loss of friendship, or worse can be overwhelming. You can be so desperate for acceptance you take that chance of hiding your GID even when you know it may lead to a violent incident. In some extreme cases people with GID become recluses of sorts and shun all relationships just because dealing with people becomes too scary for lack of a better word.

In the case of some people with GID pursuing a surgical resolution they may do what is called going stealth and move anywhere from one to three times or more during the process. This makes it very difficult to form any kind of substantial or lasting relationship. In short, the deck is stacked against these people on the macro and micro scale when it comes to having a relationship, especially forming new relationships outside of the transgender community.

It’s not wholly societies fault this happens but the prevailing attitude and lack of education concerning GID certainly does not help. I can say first hand that often the reason a person with GID has negative experiences with existing and new relationships is their own fault. They allow societal attitude, the people immediately around them, or even their own fear to dictate how they will socialize. That is their fault, and I would be a liar to not admit that at one point I didn’t cave in and allow others to dictate to me the manner I handled relationships because of GID. In the final analysis the effects of GID on a relationship can be a dealbreaker, however in many cases they can be saved with a little time, understanding, and a lot of communication.

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