The effects on relationships because of Gender Identity Disorder (Pt. 1)

1 Apr

The effects on relationships because of Gender Identity Disorder GID which is uncomfortable at best, deadly at it’s worst. That isn’t said for shock value, it is said as a very serious fact. Violence against the transgender community which is largely comprised of people suffering from GID is statistically horrifying. July of 2008 marks one hundred consecutive months in which a person suffering from GID (A Transsexual) has been murdered in the U.S. Alone. Not a century marker to be celebrated in the least.

All of us living with this condition are all to aware of this and as such we tend to be less trusting of groups of people we don’t know than most people who do not have GID. We deal with a society that allows blatant and legal discrimination in thirty eight of the fifty states in America. It allows medical insurance companies to deny coverage for treatment an M.D. deems as necessary. It even means a person that has gone through a surgical resolution to treat their GID in many states cannot be recognized as the physical sex they reflect on birth certificates and in some case even photo identification. Even in states that do allow this change it is not a given this will be granted, it is left to the Judges discretion. I can attest first hand to that.

With all these barriers a person with GID has a difficult time forming relationships all too often. The very real threat of violence, denial of basic rights and recognition can make it at the very least difficult to function in society on a daily basis. When you are under constant scrutiny, and you feel that scrutiny, you just cannot function with the people you encounter at your best possible level assuming they will even interact you.

Personally the person with GID often has a very hard row to hoe. It is not uncommon to be banished from their family in whole or part. These are supposed to be the people that stick by you always but sadly it all too often isn’t true. This is one reason among several so many people hide their GID as long as possible. Once the person realizes they do not have the support of family they hope they will retain the support of friends but again many friends will turn their back on the person. Some will try to stick it out but the change in the dynamic of the relationship is often palpable and just not as strong as it once was. Even good friends can turn into people that are hesitant to even acknowledge you in public.

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