Gay Relationships: Dealing With Jealousy And Insecurity

30 Mar

I was having a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine recently, and he inspired me to write about this topic. During our discussion, we turned to the subject of how jealousy and insecurity effects a relationship. At first we were just discussing relationships in general, but then he asked me if I thought that these issues were a bigger problem in gay relationships than they were in straight ones. Since these two issues are usually the cause of major relationship traumas, I figured this would be the perfect place to examine this. So here are my thoughts.

When my friend first asked the question, I was sort of at a loss. I didn’t really know if I could answer honestly. Although I have been thinking a lot about it for the last couple of days, I have to say that I am still no closer to reaching a definite answer. I have to admit that to my mind, it does often seem as if jealousy and insecurity are more of a problem in gay relationships. In my view, we do seem to be a little more possessive in relationships than our straight counterparts. Yet I cannot quite bring myself to state that as an absolute truth. After all, just because something appears to be a certain way, that does not necessarily make it true; in which case, it would be unfair to jump to that conclusion. And even if it is true in some cases, it certainly cannot be true in all cases.


Gay Relationships: Dealing With Jealousy And Insecurity.

via Gay Relationships: Dealing With Jealousy And Insecurity.

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