Dear Pinterest, You Used to Be Cool

30 Mar

Different from the norm for here, but I really liked this and thought a little variety wouldn’t hurt.


I remembered when Pinterest was beta and it was like an exclusive club where recipes and ideas were shared visually. I loved it. It was a place to look for inspiration when it came to food, crafts, fashion and decorations. Now it almost seems nothing more than another place where people can advertise.

Although the site is still invite only, it has become full of marketers and people writing countless guides on how to market so and so with Pinterest. That’s NOT what Pinterest was supposed to be about. Aside from legal issues, it has also become a playground for people who love Tumblr. In a previous post, I had stated that it was not like Tumblr, but in reality it is becoming more like it. Everything on Pinterest used to lead to a page that taught you how to make something, more details of the thing you are looking at, or perhaps to purchase the thing.


Dear Pinterest, You Used to Be Cool.

via Dear Pinterest, You Used to Be Cool.

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