Looking for a Real Man-Part 1

28 Mar

What qualities make up a REAL MAN? Is a Real Man a Clint Eastwood lookalike riding across the Mesa, or one of the self identified 6 footers on eHarmony? Must he be able to grow a Don Johnson shadow in 24 hours after changing my oil and then take me for a ride in his GTO? Who is this mythical creature? Does he know that I am searching for him, that I am scanning the profiles for a glimpse of him, that sometimes size doesn’t matter? This is my list of what I’m looking for in a Real Man, as I separate the proverbial – men from the boys. For those of you who have not yet reached Real Man status yet, this is what I think you should be shooting for…ladies, don’t settle.


Looking for a Real Man-Part 1.

via Looking for a Real Man-Part 1.

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