Heterophobia – It actually does exist

22 Mar

It has long been known homophobes exist everywhere. While they may not like being called that, it just is what they are. Likewise there is a phenomena in which homosexual people can be heterophobes. What is being a heterophobe like and what causes it? Is it a common thing? Is it worse than being a homophobe, or the same, or even justified?

Being a lifelong homosexual I wasn’t always a heterophobe. I mean after all my parents were straight and I didn’t fear them. I didn’t fear them at least until I got older and discovered my wonderful parents were homophobes. They despised everything gay behind closed doors. While they spewed the tolerance rhetoric in public, within their circle of friends whom they knew to be of the same view they would make their gay jokes, comment about how sick it was, and present any number of views and ideas on homosexuality which just weren’t right. I always found it quite delicious to know that under their roof, their baby, their hope for the future, was all that they despised and more. Still being young and dependent on my parents for basic survival as most children are, I learned to censor myself and by watching their actions and hearing their words against homosexuals my heterophobia began.

Over time it only increased. I saw in my own community how a young gay man was dragged to death tied to the bumper of a car and how many people including our very own chief of police intimated he had it coming to him for being a fag. I heard the priests talk about the unpardonable sin of same sex love. I watched teachers allow the teasing of kids suspected to be homosexual as it was thought this abuse would toughen them up. I even sadly enough watched my own family turn it’s back on my cousin who died from AIDS in the mid 1980’s. His own father refused to attend his services and stated “He’s rotting in hell now.” Matthew Shepard, Brandon Teena, Gwen Arajuo, and countless others just here in the good ol’ U.S.A. were murdered because of being in the LGBT in rather horrific ways by straight people. Quite frankly how could you not become heterophobic?

By the time I became an adult out on my own I became even more suspicious of the heterosexual community. Consider right wing zealots with nary a functioning brain. Idiotic conservative bloggers spewing hatred in the guise of news and fact. Conservative politicians and Christian fundamentalist that are all too fast to use their public soapbox to spread what can only be termed as intolerance and you’ll understand how heterophobia can become so widespread. At least that’s my opinion concerning the widespread nature of the phenomena.

Thanks to freedom of speech I can say that just as homophobes can call us twisted, ill, decrepit, unnatural or whatever they want, I can say hetero’s are twisted, ill, decrepit, unnatural and express my disgust at seeing them flaunting their deviant sexuality, kissing, holding hands, and irresponsibly breeding children the planet just can’t support. They ought to hit their knees and thank God homosexuals adopt the children they abandon because they lack the moral responsibility to raise those they create. Food shortages, rising oil prices, it’s all the fault of the hetero’s breeding beyond the planets means of support because they can’t figure out how to use birth control or tone down their wildly promiscuous sex lives. Heck even AIDS is the fault of the straight community, they after all are the ones creating gay babies right? How many gay or lesbian couples have created children between them? A quick survey shows the number as zero. But hey, that’s just my take on the issue. Opposing opinions are fun aren’t they?

Being a heteropobe also stems from not always enjoying the constitutional or even localized right to free speech. Homosexuals speaking publicly have long been censored or told to tone down their rhetoric as some straight person may take offense while blatantly homophobic views are presented with no counter point. Even when trying to present the opposing view of homophobia it isn’t uncommon to be held to a double standard to squelch our views from finding a venue. This tells us our opinions are less than valid if someone may deem it controversial.

What would be considered controversial, making a factually backed up statement that by proportion of percentage straight men are guilty of pedophilia more so that gay men as society often claims? Of course it would be even though “Researchers say that “a child’s risk of being molested by his or her relatives heterosexual partner is over one hundred times greater than by someone who might be identifiable as being homosexual.” Would saying hate groups in the U.S. are the domain of the heterosexual community be too controversial? Sure it would, even though of the 888 hate groups recognized by the SLPC in the U.S. there is not one which is comprised of homosexuals against anyone. There are however hate groups comprised of people touting themselves as: Patriots, conservatives, Christians, Black Separatists, Islamic Separatists, White Supremacists, Neo-Confederates, White Nationalists, Anti Immigrant, Anti Semites, Radical Traditionalist Catholics, Family Values Groups, Anti Gay, and of course the well rounded “general hate groups” that have so much anger they just can’t decide who to hate first or the most so they spread it around.

Given such examples of the manner some heterosexuals all too often view the LGBTQI community are we wise in our heterophobia due to the prevalence of gay hate groups and the violence and oppression perpetrated against the gay community currently and historically? Need an example of repression? Okay fine, gay marriage, how is that for starters? How about remembering it used to not only be acceptable but legal to deny service such as serving a drink to a table that had three homosexuals were seated at it? Adoption rights, public housing laws, job discrimination, even medical care discrimination, and the list goes on. These are just examples from my short lifetime. How many straight folks have been treated so badly in regards to these issues because they like the opposite sex? C’mon, get your hands in the air! Why aren’t your hands in the air? Oh I know, it’s because you never have had to deal with discrimination in these areas based on your sexual orientation. But again, that’s just my opinion.

Actually I’m not a heterophobe anymore, my parents weren’t that bad either in the grand scheme of things, they at least waited until I was an adult to disown me for being gay and kicking me out of the house to stay in accordance with state law concerning child abandonment. I could care less that straight people sleep with the opposite sex. In fact I think it’s great they are creating more gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender babies to keep the queer nation alive and thriving. I love that they are giving up children for us to adopt in our gay homes. Is heterophobia better than homophobia? In my eyes no, each are equally wrong, but given the long history of discrimination, hate, and violence toward the gay community I certainly understand it much more than homophobia. Maybe if we all took the time to create intelligent arguments true discussion could take place and common ground found rather than simple finger pointing and the flinging about of accusations.

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