Why love is more powerful than lust

19 Mar

Love is more powerful than lust because it is enduring. Love and lust have a genesis which is completely different although they are commonly confused, especially among younger people. While many people that have discussed this topic over the years and made it far more complex than it needs to be, the truth is that it is very easy to tell the difference between the two, and once you have experienced true love you understand exactly why love is more powerful than lust.

As was stated above, love is enduring. When you fall in love with a person they become your sole focus. That love is no dependent on a physical relationship, it doesn’t fade over time just because a persons looks physical attractiveness may do so. Love is something completely inexplicable. Ask any couple that has been together awhile why the love each other and there isn’t enough time in the day to list everything, nor are there sufficient words to describe the power of their feelings. You will often hear someone say “It’s millions of little things that when put together make us love each other.”

Lust on the other hand is temporary. Sure you may lust after someone for weeks, months, or even years, but it is inherently different from love. You can lust after countless people at one time, and lust can be dismissed from a persons mind for the most trivial reasons imaginable. Often times if a person identifies just one thing that turns them off about a person they lust after, the feelings of lust disappear, not just fade away slowly, but vanish in a puff smoke. If you ask someone why the lust after someone it is for all the superficial reasons you could imagine; physical attractiveness, status, money, power, all things which in reality have nothing to do with love. They are base qualifications that change on a whim as a person sees necessary to fulfill their temporary physical needs.

When you love someone you accept all their flaws as they accept yours and the bond between you grows stronger for that as they days and years go by. Regardless of what happens you at the very least try to find ways to please each other and improve each other’s lives as individuals and as a couple. When you lust after someone there is no real bond beyond infatuation and a desire for temporary gratification. Often times neither partner in a lustful relationship truly cares about the object of their desire aside from what that person can provide them with. The first snag in the road and everything is over all too often with little real care or feeling of loss.

While it is true that some relationships which began as being lustful in nature do try to evolve into something more, sometimes successfully, it isn’t the norm. The odds of these relationships surviving are less than those that begin absent lust. You can fall in lust with a dozen or more people everyday on the work, but you only really fall in love a handful times over your life. If that doesn’t tell you love is stronger than lust, nothing in the world will.

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