Signs you’ve really fallen in love

19 Mar

Are there really signs you can read which tell you that you have fallen in love? Sure there are! Granted they are not definitive in that one sign means you are absolutely in love, but they are indicators that you are at least on your way to falling in love. Real love needs no signs, but it is fun to take a look at what some of those signs might be.

The first sign on the road of falling in love is that which reads “Preoccupation.” It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing, that person you’ve fallen in love with is somewhere in your thoughts and you are conscious of that. You may standing in the batters box facing down a 100 mph pitcher with control problems, but you still can’t help but think about what Suzy might be doing and whether or not she got the note you hid in her pants pocket.

The second sign is you actually find yourself doing cheesy little things like hiding notes in someones pocket that say I love you or assorted other sweet nothings. Let’s be honest, if you weren’t in love a thought like that would probably never cross your mind, and even if it for some reason it is unlikely you would bother to act on it.

The things that annoy everyone else you find endearing. Somehow you have reached the point in which you think it’s adorable he undoes the top button of his pants after or even during a meal, when you’re in public. You’ll even go so far as too find him grabbing his belly fat and making it “talk” at the table in an animated voice absolutely darling. If you hit this sign in the road you are way in love or just have a “different” sense of humor.

You have learned to not react to their bodily gas emissions. You may even male note of the better ones with a high-five or similar salute which acknowledges you know what they have done and that you’re okay with that. This almost goes hand in hand with reaching the point when you no longer close the door when going to the bathroom. Those are signs you are deep in love for sure, if you can be open about the bodily functions you are in a place of remarkable acceptance of each other and that is love for sure.

Even when someone is at their most beat down down alien life form looking and sounding sick, you look at them and still see nothing but beauty beneath the red eyes, runny nose, and Elmer Fudd voice that crackles requests for the tissues with Aloe Vera. If you can see someone in their absolute physically worst condition in which they have every right to be miserable and still be head over heels for them, that is a huge sign screaming love!

The person you have fallen in love with needs a kidney and you’re right there offering yours. Okay this is admittedly pretty extreme, but when you’re willing to give up an organ for someone that is a huge deal. That is a sign with flashing lights and sirens blaring.

The biggest sign however resides within you. Sure the previous signs that have been pointed out are for the most part to be taken in a joking manner, but there is one true sign of love. That sign is an indescribable feeling that tells you that no matter what, you need this person you have fallen in love with to be happy. You will do and sacrifice anything so long as you know they feel complete. You would even go so far as to prefer seeing them be with someone else if that is what it truly took for them to be happy and experience the full love you feel they deserve. If you see that sign within your heart, none of the others matter, you have really fallen in love.

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