Questioning the safety of online dating for gays

17 Mar

While the gay community does have many legitimate fears venturing forth in the world, as do many other minority groups, the risks faced by gay persons from online dating are negligible at best in comparison to any other person. The argument that online dating is not safe for gays has been blown way out of proportion and should be laid to rest. While this is a controversial stance among a fair portion of gay people, it has a sound basis for being true which will be explored point by point.

The world has its fair share of creeps, every demographic has to deal with them whether they be black, white, gay, straight, or any permutation of human you want to talk about. Just because some gay people have had a dicey foray into online dating and experienced something negative makes them no different from any other group in this regard. Anyone who dates online long enough is going to potentially face a risk eventually just as every person that dates in the traditional sense will as well.

If anything, the gay community dating online to some degree faces a lesser risk than others because not many gay bashers or people looking to do harm to gays troll gay dating sites looking to make a date. While there have been documented instances of this in which gay men were lured into dangerous situations which did lead to physical harm, so to has every other demographic. While it sounds harsh, a person that finds them self in that position did not take steps to protect them self by either agreeing to meet in unknown places rather know very public sites, disclosing personally identifiable information, or in some cases by just being dumb. Yes that is harsh, but it is the truth and it applies to all genders, orientations, and races.

Does any gay person face a potentially harmful risk from online dating? Yes, of course some do, but again so does everyone. Does any gay person put them self in a position for increased risk potentially? Again the answer is yes. Those that find them self disclosing their personal information to strangers and those who are in the closet using the internet to meet others on the low-down are at heightened risk. This however is of their own doing. They choose to stay in the closet, they choose to go to great lengths to stay out of the public eye in regards to this portion of their life, and as such, yes they are at risk. The risk however is self imposed and they and everyone else should understand that.

The last thing anyone should do or say is gay people aren’t already facing risks in their daily life just by being who they are, that is irresponsible. What is being said though is that online dating for gay persons is only as unsafe as they allow it to be. There are well known protocols to make it as safe as possible for everyone from initial contact to the eventual live meeting. If a gay person chooses to ignore that, then they are being unsafe as an individual and it is not any indicator or proof that gay online dating itself is unsafe.

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