Is there such a thing as unconditional love?

15 Mar

While many people will argue there is no such thing as unconditional love, I have always been of the belief that there is. Love is something eternal, we can’t just forget love or decide to ignore it whenever we feel like doing so. Once it touches a person it remains, at least in some small way, rooted in the heart and mind forever. That isn’t to say that there is no change in the degree of love we may feel for a person at a given time, that is always subject to a multitude of factors as individual as each person on the planet.

 Many people will admit that even after a sometimes horrific divorce they still have some amount of love for the person they have just severed ties with. A person my verbally say they hate someone, but they still have some love that lingers within them even if they try to mask it. We have all seen time and again the spouses and extended family of people that have committed heinous acts so atrocious they are hated by the majority world, say that they still love the person who caused so much pain. As parents we often see our children do things we simply cannot tolerate, however it does not stop us from loving them.

As a youngster I once did or said something that over time I have forgotten, but the response to it I will never forget. My mother looked me dead in the eyes and said “Right now I do not like you or what you just did, but I still love you.” Some decade later my father expressed the same sentiment saying he did not like the path my life was following and could not be a part of that, but that he still loved me as his child. That at it’s core is unconditional love.

In a likewise manner many years ago I was betrayed beyond comprehension by my spouse. I hated what she had done and the person she became, but even through all of the pain and anger, to this day I still love her. I do not feel that love with the same intensity as I once did, but it still remains. Love like anything else changes with time. Sometimes it wanes and at others it grows, The fact that it remains however proves that true love is unconditional.

Unconditional love is the greatest gift any of us can give. It is easy to confuse like or lust with love, but there is a clear distinction between them and they all need not be present at the same time in order to exist. What we like can change with a change in the wind, as can the person or thing we lust after. Who we love however never does. Once the seed is planted the fruit remains forever. Sometimes it is grows, at others it shrivels, but it never disappears.

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