Examining The Acceptance Of Homosexuality In Society

13 Mar

Acceptance and equality are two things for which the gay community has fought a long and difficult battle. Although we have made great strides forward in recent years, the struggle is still far from over. It has always amazed me that there are still so many negative attitudes toward homosexuality today. After all, this is 2012, and we are supposed to be living in an enlightened society, aren’t we?

As I have mentioned in a couple of my previous articles, I have been a participating member of several gay message boards. I guess I don’t have to tell you that acceptance of gay people in society is always a huge topic of discussion on these boards; I mean, duh…that’s a no-brainer! What may surprise most people, however, is that even most gay people still have disagreements about this issue. Meaning that even though we all agree that we should be accepted, opinions about how this will be achieved vary widely.

via Examining The Acceptance Of Homosexuality In Society.

via Examining The Acceptance Of Homosexuality In Society.

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