A look at Los Angeles’ gay community

11 Mar

While San Francisco grabs attention as being traditionally accepted as California’s gay capitol, Los Angeles’ gay community is alive and well and growing! In some circles there is a growing sentiment in fact that perhaps Los Angeles has actually taken the lead. Slowly but surely over the years Los Angeles has shown it’s support for the growing gay community and the landscape of the city demonstrates that.

Los Angeles has become known for more than just it’s clubs and gay oriented businesses, it has a strong political base that has kept itself at the forefront of not just the Californian gay rights movement, but the international struggle for gay equality. In rapidly growing numbers gay community centers have sprung up to provide support to any that need it and like many major American cities there are even shelters for the domestically abused both male and female who are members of the LGBT community. While these are huge achievements they are far from the only reasons the Los Angeles gay community has grown and concentrated itself with such vigor and strength.

Perhaps the strongest gay presence is found in the West Hollywood (WeHo) area. Over the last twenty or so years what was a small gay community has grown and flourished. Areas that were in danger of or had passed into ill repair were purchased and fixed up making this a lovely area to visit again and cleaning some of the undesireable criminal element out of the area that was once present. Santa Monica, Silver Lake, and venice which lay just outside WeHo have a very strong gay presence as well and draw tourists from around the world to see the restored homes of legends like Cecil B, Demille and Charlie Chaplin.

The social scene or nightlife if you prefer that term is never dead in L.A.! Plenty of clubs and organizations have events centered on catering to the gay community. For a change of pace the Los Angeles Gay Men’s Choir is world reknown and performs at home just as much as on the road. If the opportunity presents itself they are well worth spending an evening watching. The Circus Disco is a thriving spread out club with some of the world’s best Dee-Jays spinning the hits on a regular basis. Ultra Suede offers great retro nights and fills up fast! This may be the best of the areas gay nightclubs! Of course for families Disney has “Gay Day” but since it’s only once per year you’re either there or you’re not. If you are, it is a terrific time!

Still there is more to what makes L.A. a great gay community than that! For LGBT youth that often feel out pf place or ostracized at school they can now complete High School online and get a real diploma and not a GED. That is a major step towards keeping youth that may otherwise drop out learning and moving forward. Above all else, Los Angeles is becoming a city where it iis okay to be gay. Employment prospects for LGBT persons is strong, Any resource whether it be sovial, legal, medical, or political is present and well entrenched to serve the people it was designed for, and above all else it is a place where and LGBT person can feel comfortable. There will alwas be issues as there will be anywhere due to individual personalities, but overall this is a great place to be!

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