Reasons people oppose gay marriage

10 Mar

People tend to oppose gay marriage not necessarily because they are trying to be intentionally cruel, but because they cling to outdated notions society formed in less enlightened times. While that is a rather large blanket statement to make, it generally holds true at least in part on nearly every theory most people use to say gay marriage is wrong. While there are numerous schools of thought that can be tracked as to why gay marriage is opposed by so many, most of it boils down to a combination of a few key factors.

The argument against gay marriage is most commonly based on religious beliefs. While most major religions preach tolerance, few actually deliver in regards to gays. For example, if we are to believe that love is the ultimate form of tolerance, and religion is the genesis of love as it is based on following the path and words of a loving creator, then intolerance being shown for something which has been created by that God is a direct contradiction to that God’s plan. It makes little difference whether you discuss Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or whichever you choose, this holds true. Going back through the books that serve as the tangible basis for those faiths, misinterpretation and misrepresentation are all too common, and countless people have based their belief on what boils down to one persons interpretation of another persons interpretation of what another person wrote about what someone else said.

While that statement may seem confusing at first, when it is allowed to sink in it makes perfect logical sense. Just as when kids play that old party game operator in which they are to do nothing more than repeat one sentence in the hopes it returns to the original operator in tact, what was originally said is rarely what winds up making its way back to the original operator. Now imagine the potential for changes in words and meanings when this has been done over centuries in multiple languages, some of which are dead languages, and you can see the ground is fertile for errors. Then consider it is documented that different sects of the same parent religion take a different view of the same phrase, or in some cases have actually changed the books they use as a part of the basis for their faith to meet their own beliefs.

Add in a fair dose of sometimes overzealous members of the clergy who choose to force their own agenda and beliefs into their sermonizing, and what you wind up with all too often is a group of generally decent people accepting the opinion of one person which is based on the opinions of several other people over centuries on what is likely a mistranslation of words, and you now can easily have a group of people opposing gay marriage. It has been done time and again to various groups of people over the centuries, the last 150 or so years it has been homosexuals. The clergy says they are inferior, they do not deserve to be treated as equal persons in the eyes of the church, therefore they have no right to marriage unless they amend their ways and enter into a relationship which is unnatural for them, which is oddly enough condemned in the books they preach from.

A second basis for many opposing gay marriage is the social view. Some people just think it is too weird. They see a gay couple and don’t like the way it looks and base their opinion on nothing more than that. If challenged these people will often run for religion to back up their claims or go off on even wilder tangents to legitimize their stance. In America it is popular for some to argue that if gay marriage was supposed to exist the Constitution would have protected it. What they fail to realize is the Constitution is a living document that is in constant flux and has changed to reflect the will of the people, government, and to correct injustices constantly. Opinions can be hard for many to change as once they have been held onto long term they begin becoming a belief, and beliefs rarely if ever change.

The next group of people opposing gay marriage sometimes do so based on nothing more than ignorance. They simply do not know the truth about homosexuality and therefore make assumptions about it or accept the views of people they may trust as the basis for their own. Often times this is an institutional belief that has been passed down from parents to children or even in certain types of private faith based schools. These people have no real basis for comparison so they go with the flow around them rather than investigate if the negative things they hear about gay marriage are true.

Continuing on that theme there is a fair portion of the population that does investigate the gay marriage issue, but they do so in the wrong venue. They wind up getting a partisan view or information which is inaccurate which serves as the basis for their stance. Far too many accept fallacies about gay marriage such as it will somehow alter their religious beliefs as churches will be forced to perform gay marriages. That is an extraordinarily common misconception which has soured many people to same sex marriage. Others believe that domestic partnerships or civil unions are the same thing as marriage, yet if they were really the same, why would they not simply be called marriage? Those institutions are considered separate but equal, but the reality is they are separate and unequal. Those are just brief examples of a couple ways misinformation serves as a basis for some to oppose gay marriage.

Finally there are some people that just do not like gays, likely never will, and have no desire to be associated with them as equals in any way, shape, or form. They see gay marriage as the mainstreaming of homosexuality and a less defined line between themselves and gays which drives their anti-gay sentiments in regards to marriage. There is no simpler way to put that certain people oppose equality for gays in any manner, but specifically in regards to marriage. It is sad, but it is also a fact of life numerous groups of people have or are dealing with in addition to gays.

There are countless reason people oppose same sex marriage, some base their beliefs on faith, others on grounds which are less logical. Some merge multiple reason together to form the basis for their belief. There is nothing wrong with opposing gay marriage so long as it is based on logic, it is when it is based on fear, bad information, or just plain hate that it is problem. We cannot expect the entire world to agree, but we should be able to expect they at least make an attempt to act fairly.

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