Who are the true gays and lesbians?

6 Mar

What is it that makes a person truly gay or lesbian? Does it just require engaging in sexual relations with a person of the same sex? Does it require more than that, extending out to taking an active role in the gay community ? Is it possible that it is just as simple as knowing you are gay? The debate rages on within the LGBT community for some illogical reason as far too many people waste their energy and breath trying to formulate one universal answer.

 Arriving at an answer depends almost entirely on who you ask as the answer to this question is solely based on opinion, after all, it asks who are the “true” gays and lesbians. If the answer were posed to a heterosexual person it is most likely the would choose the answer of least resistance and say it is someone that engages in intimate activities with a member of the same sex. It sounds logical and for the most part they would put no thought into the word “true” being involved in the question. A blanket answer is all they would see as necessary with no other stipulations attached.

The most radical of some homosexual persons would likely provide quite a different answer saying that physical relations with a same sex partner are necessary, and that the person need be out of the closet, maybe even needing an “in your face” attitude to match. These are often the same people that will rail against bisexuals and transsexuals (Even those in a same sex relationship) as not belonging to the LGBT community as they aren’t really gay, but rather confused. Granted this is a tiny minority, but the view is well known and accepted by some. To them this is the definition of a true gay or lesbian.

A more common definition of a true gay or lesbian, especially with the younger generation is that they are a person that has an attraction to the same sex whether they act on it or not, and is out of the closet. Some will add that the true gays and lesbians are those that are involved in gay rights activism either in the open or behind the scenes. This seems to be of great importance to many with this definition as they tend to believe that without being out and active you aren’t carrying your share of the load in the equality movement and therefore are in some way lesser.

Finally the most common definition of what being a true gay or lesbian is among the majority of LGBT people is that to be true, it takes nothing more than admitting to yourself that you are gay and not being self-loathing in regards to that fact. Self acceptance is a powerful thing, and in the minds of many that in and of itself whether a person be in or out of the closet is all that necessary to be true. They often believe there is no need to do anything which makes a person uncomfortable or places them needlessly in the way of harm.

Ultimately this is a question which has as many answers as there are people. What any individual feels the answer to this question is means absolutely nothing to anyone except that individual. Being true is not about being a part of the crowd, nor is it about standing apart from it either. Being a true gay, lesbian, or in even more basic terms human being is about being yourself and proud of who you are. Again though, that’s just one opinion.

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