Can people be forced or convinced to change their sexual orientation?

6 Mar

The whole concept of people changing their sexual orientation has not only gotten to be a ridiculous debate, but a niche industry as well. Anyone that cared to could google the phrase “gay cure” and find so many programs claiming to re-orient gay people in to straight people it would be comical if it were not so serious an issue. To truly appreciate the concept of changing sexual orientation in a person, either way mind you, a point by point summary is needed just to keep it all straight, tiny pun intended.

As mentioned earlier, there are dozens of programs that claim they can cure “gayness” or re-orient gay people to being heterosexual. Simple logic fails these concepts on two grounds before you even examine their programs. The first thing is being gay is not something which can be cured or needs a cure. It isn’t like catching the flu, you don’t get a vaccine against it, you can’t treat it with antibiotics and chicken soup. Doctors that have tried over the years have failed miserably, nothing was claimed as a success to “curing” homosexuality aside from lobotomies. Even then, the person was still gay, they were just incapacitated and unable to act on their thoughts. The second fallacy concerns re-orientation of gays to heterosexuals. This assumes gay people were heterosexual and chose to be gay one day out of the blue. Therefore you cannot re-orient someone to a state which they have never been previously.

By further examining the “gay cure” issue, no program actually claims a cure, at least none that last. What they promise rather is “heterosexual training” in which gay people are taught to behave differently. The gay persons never actually stop being gay, they just make a conscious decision to outwardly live as much like a heterosexual person as possible. In the process they often abandon their LGBT friends, and try dating or even marrying members of the opposite sex. What generally happens is that in the first five years most of these people give up trying and go right back to their previous gay life. That comes directly from the founder of Love In Action, one of the biggest “gay cure” programs in America.

Of course when this re-orientation fails, which it usually does, the programs still claim they were successful. The point out the persons failure to remain “heterosexual” as being caused by their lack of faith, impulse control, or outside forces that re-recruit them to being gay. This is patently ridiculous as a programs failures cannot always be someone  elses fault, it simply means the programs don’t work.

Crossing to the other side of street, how many heterosexual people have ever been known to decide to become gay for no apparent reason? How many have been forced to become gay by door to door solicitors, roving gangs of gay recruiters, or mass media indoctrination? It would be safe to say the answer is none. What confuses many people is that being gay has been stigmatized for so long that people simply do not openly announce they are gay in many cases until they establish a point in life in which it is safe to come out. People instantly assume these people “turned gay” rather than accept that they were always gay.

If it were possible to change a persons sexual orientation and gays are so determined to recruit everyone to their lifestyle as many extremists trumpet every chance they get, why is then there are no programs to “re-orient” or “cure” heterosexuals so they can embrace the gay lifestyle? The answer to this is very simple, gay people know you can’t change sexual orientation like you change a light bulb, so they don’t waste their time trying to. Try googling “heterosexual cure programs” and see the results. You can look long and hard and find nothing that compares to a gay cure program.

The truth of the matter is you can force or convince a person to stop acting on their natural impulses no matter what they are, at least temporarily. You cannot however change who they are. A gay person is a gay person whether they are with a man or woman. The same is true for a heterosexual person. Anyone can pretend to be something they are not, but to actually stop and completely rewire something so basic as self and sexual identity is not a reality.

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