Is there such thing as gaydar?

4 Mar

Gaydar, or the ability to spot an LGBT person is a real thing. It may not be 100%, but what in life is aside from death? Gaydar is a form of intuition, it isn’t sorcery or something that only gay people can possess even. Granted, LGBT people tend to have far better gaydar than straight people, but there are also gay people that have horrid to non-existent gaydar as well.

All people have some sense of intuition. Intuition is what tells you that even though you walked through a certain darkened alley every night for four years that maybe on this one particular night you shouldn’t. Intuition is that feeling deep down in your cockles, maybe even in the sub-cockle region that tells you your husband or wife is having an affair even when there is no hard evidence. Gaydar similarly is nothing more than a form of intuition that tips a person off as to the possible sexual persuasion of a person.

While it may sound far fetched, gaydar is something many gay people developed out of necessity, but to another degree it is also just a part of our nature as people. Gaydar helps serve many people well by tipping them off as to not only who might be gay and therefore potentially amicable towards them, but it also serves to let a person formulate a good guess as to who is not gay and potentially not amicable towards them which in many more places than we would care to admit is a tool towards self preservation.

By nature people tend to identify people like themselves. It’s somehow wired within all people to observe and identify no different than any other member of the animal kingdom. The coyote has the intuition that allows it to identify and attack the weakened animal among a group of healthier ones more apt to defend themselves. A parent can generally identify another parent, maybe it is the sleep deprived look, but who knows for sure? A gay person in general similarly tends to pick up on small things in another person similar to their own habits and preferences. After that there is an unconscious mental filtering of sorts comparing the present subject against those from the past in which a general conclusion is reached. That is all gaydar really is.

As said earlier, some people have great gaydar and others don’t. Nobody is ever 100% right or wrong.In the end it is really a best guess based on reasoning and intuition, nothing more or less. That however does not mean it isn’t a real thing just because it has an unscientific name attached to it.

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