How we can view gays as equals

18 Feb

There is a very simple way to view gay people as equals, you just do it! It really is that simple and it doesn’t matter how much money you make, what God you pray to, or what color you are. You simply recognize that gay people are people just as much as you are and as such deserve to be treated equally with respect based on the merits of their words and actions just the same as any heterosexual person would be. When it is put like that, is it really so difficult a concept to grasp?

Let’s examine this issue a bit further. Two men living next door to each other get up in the morning, kiss their spouse and kids goodbye and head off to work in opposite directions. Each man puts in a full day at the office and then some. They both skip lunch to get a project done on time, call to let their spouse know they are going to be a little late but will be on time for dinner, and fight traffic on the way home. They stop along the way at the store to pick up an item that was requested and pull into the driveway. One man tosses a football with his son, the other shoots some hoops with his. They both head in, have a meal, discuss the day, and change out of their work clothes after the meal. Each then sits at the dinner table and stresses a little over why a child’s grades may be slipping, paying the bills, and associated other tasks that any person with a family faces. Finally they settle in to watch some television, shower, and then head off to bed to do it all over again the next day. What about them is different?

The answer is nothing. Now let’s assume one of those men is gay, and consider again, what is different? The only assumed difference is the gay man will lay in bed with his male partner and the straight man with his female wife. Their day, their stresses, their wants, needs, and concerns are all the same. They want to provide for their family, give them the best life possible, and hopefully see their children achieve more than they did. That seems pretty equal does it not?

Each man is subject to paying taxes, bills, obeying the law, and doing what is necessary to be a productive member of society. What is so unequal about that? The first step to realizing that people are people regardless of our differences is that we all have the same basic motivations and desires. We want to be liked, loved, respected, successful, and happy. We all may take slightly different paths towards those goals, but just because a person is gay does not mean that their path is wrong. It is just different from the majority, and for that person it is right for them. That is what matters. So long as they hurt no other person in the process of pursuing those goals they should enjoy full equality with every heterosexual person that does the same.

Some say that gays can’t be viewed as equal because their God says it isn’t so. That is fine and well as a personal opinion, but in societal interaction and functioning it is flawed.There are nearly 500 recognized religions or spiritual movements which have been or currently are recognized as valid when considering the many splinters of larger organized faiths. Not all agree on what God has said or intended, or even on the same God. We all believe our faith is correct just as strongly as someone else believes theirs is. That means someone is wrong, or perhaps we are all wrong. It isn’t very likely we are all right. Even withing Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism which are the largest religions in the world, they cannot agree within them self on God. However, the one thing they all say is that God is Love, and that although we cannot be perfect or God as humans, we should aspire to. As such, religion is no basis for not treating gays equally.

People need to get along with each other, the differences in people is what makes this planet work. If we were all the same how boring would life be? How many things we enjoy everyday that are the product of LGBT persons would the world be missing? There would be no Sir Francis Bacon, Clive Barker, Lord Byron, Leonardo da Vinci, James Dean, or Sir Elton John just to name a few. We have all in some way benefited from their lives and contributions to society, even though most had to live a closeted life or suffer inequitable treatment.

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