Assessing the Catholic Church’s stance on homosexuality

14 Feb

In regard to homosexuality, the Catholic church is one of the biggest living contradictions in organized religion. While they are often tagged with offenses against the gay community improperly, they have done plenty to make it clear that even a gay Catholic in “good standing” is a second class citizen at best regarding equal treatment. To be fair, the good and bad must be pointed out in order to fully explore the issue of the Catholic church and homosexuality.

 The Catholic church will in fact welcome gay people into the church. They are as welcome to worship as anyone, and as always just as welcome as anyone else to fill up the collection plate and donate to the never ending building funds. The other side of the coin is that they condemn any sexual act between two people of the same sex and would require a person to confess this as sin in order to be a Catholic in good standing. The problem is that a gay person sees their natural instincts regarding sexual activity no more sinful than a heterosexual person who is not required to confess such as a sin.

What it really comes down to is the churches outdated notion of purely procreational sex being flouted. You can most certainly be gay and be a good Catholic so long as you are celibate, just look at all the gay priests in the Catholic church and this is clearly evident. Although Pope Benedict XVI is said to be cracking down on this, so far he has done nothing but talk tough as they cannot recruit enough straight people wanting to be priests. Pope Benedict’s own feeling on homosexuality is that it is an “Intrinsic moral evil” and as he is God’s representative on earth and Catholic Dogma states what he says on earth God holds true in heaven that means something. Homosexuality must then be considered evil in Catholicism. That is of course until another mortal man appointed to that position changes the stance. It must confuse God an awful lot remembering what is and is not evil. Can you see the contradiction yet?

While the Catholic church is staunchly anti-gay now, it wasn’t always. Heck, there were three openly gay Popes cloistered in the holy robes of the Catholic church; Pope Julius III, Pope Leo X, and Pope Sixtus IV. Those are just those known openly. There were rumored to be many more, especially in the early years of the RCC and during the “Dual Pope era” when the RCC had two Popes, over a dozen were at least rumored to have engaged in homosexual acts. The church had no problem with those people being God’s emissary on earth. The Vatican even taxed gay male prostitution for several centuries in order to keep the coffers full, in effect making them somewhat of a pimp. While that is a pretty harsh statement, it was a pretty harsh policy and it cannot be avoided or swept under the rug. It happened and it is wise to acknowledge mistakes were made and moved on from them.

The Catholic church is often said to be against the death penalty, however when it comes to homosexuals they have a separate policy. That is not something manufactured for shock value, it is the truth and there is no denying more blood has likely been spilled by order of the Vatican, primarily thanks to the Crusades, than other faith system. The Vatican, as a permanent observer of the United Nations, publicly stated that they oppose a resolution that would protect gays from being killed because it would “add new categories to those protected from discrimination.” It must be unbearable for the Catholic church to consider that people being imprisoned or killed based on their sexual orientation alone is something most of the world agrees is wrong and immoral. How odd the one observer nation there to monitor human rights, almost exclusively, is the one to vote against something to preserve the rights of God’s creatures who have done nothing worse than be gay. It’s not like we’re talking child molesters here preying on congregants, just people that happen to be gay.

The Catholic church has no problem accepting gay children or the children of gay parents into their private schools. This is something they are often said to refuse to do, but I can personally assure everyone that they in fact do allow such entrants. The difference being that when they have parent teacher conferences or a baccalaureate mass they ask only one parent be designated to attend these (assuming the parents are a gay couple) so as not to upset the children. They also, at least in our case, wanted to be sure that tuition would be paid in full, in advance, no excuses every session, as it was felt gay couples were somehow less economically stable.

A gay child is offered the same educational experience from any other child so long as they are willing to “act” straight and make no mention of they them self being homosexual, their parents being homosexual if that is the case, nor broach the topic of homosexuality in any manner other than as is in accordance with official Catholic dogma. The bottom line is that if you send your child to a Catholic school and they or you are gay, you have to accept their rules. Nothing forces you to make this choice, and the official stance held by the diocese in one area may not hold true in another.

The bottom line is that the self loathing gay willing to marginalize them self and throw them self at the mercy of the church as a wretched sinner because they are gay has a place in the RCC faith system. Those who do not will find they are welcome in words only, not actions. Even more troubling for the Catholic church isn’t so much that they have to deal with the gay issue, but that they cannot even keep their own recognized orders and leaders on the same page with their official outdated, extremist, and narrow minded rules regarding the issue. Until they get their own house in order, they shouldn’t worry so much about what goes in others.

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