How to find gay friendly doctors

11 Feb

Finding a gay friendly doctor is an issue people within the LGBT community all too often struggle with. while it would be nice to believe that all doctors are more than willing to treat each patient equally the sad fact is that there are some who simply do not wish to deal with LGBT patients. While this is aggravating for the patient it need not mean that as an LGBT person you have to suffer through care with a doctor who either does not really want to treat you, or waste a huge chunk of your time and money searching by trial error. there are a few simple ways to find a gay friendly doctor near you.

The first resource most people turn to when looking for a gay friendly doctor are word of mouth referrals. The good thing is you get a personal account of how a doctor is from an actual LGBT patient of theirs. The downside is that if you don’t know many gay people, perhaps due to living in a new location, it can be hard to find someone you trust enough to ask about this. Then it is hard to know if you are getting truly reliable information or not as well. This is one method, but not necessarily best in all situations.

More and more people are turning to online resources which can readily provide lists of doctors almost anywhere whom are gay friendly. The good thing is these are quick and free as well as well sorted out to provide a specific breakdown of what services/specialties each doctors is versed in. The potential downside is that the reviews provided by patients are sometimes unreliable, or in some cases there have been reviewers removed because it was proved they were “plants” who gave false positive reviews. These are great resources as a starting point, but really should not be the only consideration when choosing a doctor.

For those living in an area that has a local Pride coalition, a quick visit or call to their office can provide a listing of gay friendly doctors that are usually quite reliable. These lists are usually compiled by adding in doctors that have volunteered to participate in health initiatives aimed at the LGBT community in the past, patient referrals, or doctors that have asked to be added to their list. The good thing about using a Pride coalition to help locate a local gay friendly doctor is they keep their information up to date and will often be able to provide information on what each specializes in as well as any that offer flex pay programs or donated services.

One more way to locate a gay friendly doctor is to call your insurance company. One quick call will return plenty of options for each doctor that is identified as gay friendly. While it is a bit of a sad commentary such lists are or even need to be kept, they are a fact of life and a resource you should not shy away from using. There is no charge to get these lists either emailed or sent via snail mail to you in most cases. These are comprehensive with the exception that they offer no reviews from patients.

Whatever method you settle on, in all honesty you should try a couple out, these are quick proved ways to find gay friendly doctors near you. While it may not seem important to some people, anyone that has been forced to withstand a disapproving stare from their doctor after answering a personal question related to their sexual orientation knows how comforting an LGBT friendly doctor can be. Do your research, make some calls, and much quicker than you would have ever dreamed you will have plenty of options to choose from.

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