Gays can’t raise children? Says who?

16 Jan

By now, most people that would normally be concerned by LGBT news have heard of the debate article that ran in the Shawano HS Newspaper, The Hawk. What was contained in the article against allowing gay adoptions is where things not only got incredibly inaccurate, but extremely offensive. It even went so far as to advocate for the death of gays in the opinion of many people. While I’m not sure the student writing the con piece actually wanted to kill gays, his quoting of Leviticus 20:13 was taken that way. Maybe that is how the kid really thinks, no one knows but him. The major issue is that it ever got to press as it was written.

Even though this is “just” a school paper, no one bothered to fact check it. The factual inaccuracies are obvious and glaring. It states in the article that Jesus Christ spoke the words that appear in Leviticus. That is so wrong it doesn’t even require explanation – Christ wasn’t even born then and Leviticus is a Hebrew code – not Christian. If you are a Christian, you believe that Christ died for the sins of the world and is the New Covenant which means new testament – not Old Testament.

Furthermore, not a single student editor raised an eyebrow that perhaps the article was inappropriate. Not a single faculty member including the faculty adviser to the paper said a word. The school administration remained silent on it. if it was anything like the school paper when I was a kid, no one on the faculty ever paid an ounce of attention to it unless something like this came up. This time, that inattention is costing them dearly.

Where things take a real ugly twist though is in the comments that the article has received in support of the modern day enforcement of the ancient and secular Leviticus code. A woman named Ms. Judy Hurta commented online to a 13 year old named Tanner who is being raised by two gay men:

“Good thinking Tanner. But you are a rare child. An understanding boy. But the rest of us don’t see homo people as being normal and take offense to the realization that they are amongst us. Sodomy is an sex act that is not love but sex. Your dad loves you but so did that coach at Penn state love the boys he violated. To normal heterosexuals it is an abomination that you children are allowed to be raised in a home of love and sexual preferences that regular people don’t indulge in. Where are the mothers in this picture? How did the dad’s get the children and not the mothers? I am sorry to feel as I do but I do think sodomy is wrong and parents should be a man AND a woman.”

This wasn’t the only comment of this nature by a long shot, but it is somewhat representative of the idiocy that poured in. If you can equate consensual sex between two adults to an adult raping a child, you have issues that need to be addressed by professional psychiatric help. That you can consider it an abomination to raise children based on nothing more than being gay shows a thought pattern that is treading water in a sea of sickened mentality. Who says mothers are better for children than fathers in every case? If the mother is a crack whore giving rim jobs for a rock, is it more suitable to leave a child with her instead of a stable,  loving, sober and capable father that happens to be gay? of course not. When we see the Judy Hurta’s of the world spew this imbecilic rhetoric we know why the world is as screwed up as it is.

Ms Hurta, bless her heart cause she just can’t help it, is an animal lover. that is fine and well except that she seems to value how well animals are treated more so than human beings? She espouses Christian beliefs and how important it is to be kind to our feathered, furry, flippered friends – but seems to leave out actual people. Somehow in her world it is okay for a child to be raised in a home with no love so long as it is a man and woman doing the child rearing, but daring to look at an animal wrong is the worst thing possible.

It’s just another example of WTF in America – and it just keeps on comin’!

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