Transsexual vs transgender – why is criticism the new taboo?

15 Jan

Just wondering aloud, but when did it become such a crime to dare to criticize the transgender community? I fully agree that there are insensitive statements that can be made such as those by Rep. Dic over in TN which are nothing but bile wrapped in excrement, but serious criticism even from those that the transgender community claims as “their own” is no longer allowed? I’m particularly talking about the abortion that Pam’s House Blend has become since giving her token transvestite Autumn Sandeen the a platform – and the idea we care what he has to say about anything outside of hats that hide male pattern baldness. This isn’t really a rant, it’s a real complaint. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Has the majority of anything trans related been little more than a rant against the “cis community” for the last year or so?

2. Is Autumn Sandeen who women, and women of transsexual history want as a mouthpiece and face for our community?

3. Why doesn’t Pam of “Pam’s House Blend” hold regulations regarding slander and hate speech to an equal level for her token transvestite as she does for anyone wishing to leave a comment?

4. How many people have been banned or know someone that has been banned for questioning Autumn Sandeen on any of his flawed thinking, revisionist history, incorrect facts or just plain crap?

5. How utterly stupid do you have to be to think that being castrated but keeping your penis because you like expressing yourself with it sexually somehow affirms you as a woman? Can anyone explain how having a penis makes you more of a woman than having a vagina. That confuses me.

I thin Autumn has a place out there. He should be able to express himself however he wants. My concern is that people mistake him as an actual representative of the transsexual community. We want a transsexual to represent us. Someone that has been through what we have. Someone that is like us. Not a dude in a skirt. Because Pam promotes her token to create controversy (which = views = cash in her pocket) people often forget he is just a Gay Inc. shill. His agenda is their agenda – aside from his desire to have the world consider him a woman because he likes wearing a dress .

This is not how it’s supposed to be. This is not what I want as my voice for my community. Transgender does not equal transsexual. never has, never will to the people who know what the stark and massive difference is. I’d speak up at Pam’s but like so many other critics my ban was handed down the first time I pointed out how petty and mean the content had become. So many of us are gone. One by one or in groups. many of us who were there at the start are long gone by force. So, speak up, if you dare. Tell Pam it is time to let Mr. Sandeen go.  Or just avoid the blog altogether, that’s what more and more of us are doing.

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