Tennessee State Rep. Richard Floyd threatens to “stomp a mudhole” in transgender people – Is he high or just stupid?

14 Jan

Tennessee State Rep. Richard Floyd, whom we will call Dick for ease, has recently gone so far over the edge I have to wonder if anyone is checking to see if grampa is eating out of his diaper. Dick is the sponsor of the now infamous TN. Bathroom Bill which would make it illegal for anyone to enter a bathroom that is not in accordance with the sex marker on their birth certificate. While some assume that is a measure that would limit the likes of Autumn Sandeen and her “women with penii” army from using the restroom, it would also bar a fair amount of post-operative transsexuals whom cannot change the sex marker on their birth certificate for any number of idiotic laws still on the books. It makes you wonder once again – How the hell did ANY city in Tennessee get rated the most gay friendly in the US let alone make the list?

Yes, I do realize that gay and transsexual are entirely different, but for the purposes of backward thinking ultra-right Christian fascists like Rep. Dick, it’s all the same thing. What is disturbing is that he bluntly stated he would “stomp a mudhole” in any transgender he saw try to use a bathroom or changing room his daughters or granddaughters were in. Obviously, he has forgotten about the female to male variety – or maybe he’s into that? I gave Rep. Dick a call at his office (615) 741-2746 in case you’d like to call too – and I encourage you to, but he wasn’t available to comment. Until he comments, we can only assume he is okay with female to male trans people!

The next concern is he thinks that transgender people, of any flavor we assume, put his family in direct peril and are a slippery slope to enabling pedophiles and molesters. He said that, not me. This just shows how he has no grasp of what being trans is. Not that he would be expected to understand anything about any of his constituents that isn’t in the Bible which seems to be where he gets all his information – after reading it incorrectly or attributing whatever he wants to it. He further feels that somehow allowing a trans person to use the bathroom of the gender they present is going to lead to people wanting to marry and breed with any number of species not in the human category. What a dumbass. Seriously.

Next you have to wonder what kind of radar and experience he has for spotting trans people. Surely he isn’t that good – I’m trans and I can’t even spot all the members of my tribe. He must have superpowrs. Maybe he meant that he’d only stomp mudholes in the trans people he decided to not “pass” to his satisfaction? We’re dealing with a real piece of Samsonite here.

Then he assumes that just shy of his 68th birthday he could stomp a mudhole in anyone still. Sure, maybe he did it when he was a younger man – again I could get no comment on that since his office stopped taking calls, but at 68 – who’s ass is he going to kick? I know some extraordinary femme transwomen that could turn this guy into a butt puppet in under 5 seconds if he laid a hand on them. How disturbing he thinks he has it like that!

Even more disturbing is that no one in the Good Ol’ Boy Party has called him on this. Sen. Bo Watson who co-sponsored his bathroom bill quickly, and wisely withdrew after hearing what Rep. Dick had to say. He didn’t go so far as to chastise him. But he did something at least and that little bit may kill the bathroom bill for the year.

Rep. Dick should have his mental faculties checked. He should be investigated for potentially inciting a hate crime, at the very least for hate speech. He should be censured and then face whatever penalties beyond that arise. Rep. Dic, you truly live up to your name – DICK!


2 Responses to “Tennessee State Rep. Richard Floyd threatens to “stomp a mudhole” in transgender people – Is he high or just stupid?”

  1. Ashley in S.D. CA January 14, 2012 at 12:25 pm #

    Way to go Rep. Floyd. We really do need more ultraliberal moles in the GOP to prove why transfolks living in TN must be allowed to change their birth certificates and other documents. PS send along that rant of yours to all of the GOP Presidential hopefuls.

    • mandyf January 14, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

      Thank you and I will. I’m trying to spread this around and I’ve been calling his office, leaving messages really, hoping to get some answers from him. I intend to keep pushing. Not sure how much good I can or will do, but I feel like I need to try.

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