Viki Knox – is it more offensive she’s a bigot or a tenured English teacher?

13 Jan

Viki Knox, the New Jersey teacher that had a bit of an anti-gay tirade on Facebook last year, now is in the process of having her tenure as an English teacher revoked so that she can be dismissed by the school board. Her comments caused great concern for several reasons. The most disheartening thing is that she compared homosexuality to a disease that breeds like cancer. The second concern we will discuss shortly. Below is the direct quote from her Facebook page that has caused the stir.

“Homosexuality is a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation. The word of God refers to it often. That’s if you believe the Word to be truly God’s intended blueprint for his people. I have friends and loved ones who are practicing/ living as homosexuals. Yes I love can care about them. We hug and exchange gifts. We have family dinners. But how they live and their actions, behaviors -CHOICES are against the nature and character of God! Do I tell me so? Yes, of course. Do I treat them bad? If course not! Jesus never did that to ANYONE he meant. He spoke to them of their situation and offered them life eternal. He didn’t say it was okay but we’ve all sinned and come short if God’s will for us daily. That’s why we Christians true followers pray, repent, and spend time with Christ daily. The Word of God instructs us to die daily to our flesh-meaning our will. What we want; what feels good to us; what we like; what we can rationalize and justify. I do not pretend to know ALL things. Nor do I pretend not to have biases, failings and faults. But I know sin and it breeds like cancer!”

I have no problem with Knox wanting to have her own spiritual beliefs – that is her right. I will and have fought to defend her right to do so. What I disagree with is mixing those beliefs with her job as a public school educator. My main problem is her expressing this hate speech wrapped in a blanket of God which these dimwits somehow think makes it okay, as it pertains to public school policy. God has no place in public schools. Period. And yes, I studied Bible in a public HS, but that was because it was nearly a quarter century ago and the teacher took it less serious than the students. It was a “A for attendance” class and everyone knew it.

My other beef is that this is a tenured public school ENGLISH teacher? How the hell did that happen? Was she the ONLY option?

“Yes I love can care about them.” Okay, let’s say it’s a typo.
“Do I tell me so?” WTF does that mean?
“If course not!” Just another typo
“Jesus never did that to ANYONE he meant.” and another
“…we’ve all sinned and come short if God’s will for us daily.” and another one!

Let’s not even get too deep into the fact that her level of literacy and reading comprehension is sub-par based on the fact that she is reading the Bible incorrectly. I ask her right now to produce chapter and verse for what she claims Jesus has said. Where did Jesus say it was not okay to be gay? Anyone? Anyone know what verse that is?

Her bigotry I can understand and forgive. She must be suffering from some form of mental illness. I can only assume she had her shit together better than this when she began teaching. I can only assume that this disregard for logic and need to act out in the most stupid manner on a public platform is related to some chemical imbalance. Her stupidity, I can forgive – she can’t help being thick.

What I have real trouble forgiving is New jersey for hiring this half-ass incompetent and then giving her tenure – AS AN ENGLISH TEACHER! The dept. of education should be reviewed as well for hiring this level of simpleton and then rewarding tenure for inferior skills. Hell, even Newark schools deserve better than this “educator.”

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