Morality of being a bisexual

9 Jan

It seems quite odd to think there is a question of morality when discussing bisexuality specifically. Although there is disagreement among many whether bisexual people are truly gay or not, that isn’t the issue here. The issue is trying to explore whether or not bisexuality is fundamentally correct conduct based on principles rather than legalities, enactment, or custom.

The crux of deciding this is deciding whether or not being bisexual is correct for that individual. There isn’t a soul on Earth that can decide what is or is not at the base of ones desires with any certainty. So long as the person in question is following their truest desires which make them happy and not endangering or taking advantage of anyone than it is ludicrous to say that is immoral. If anything being bisexual takes incredible moral fiber as this is a person that knows they are going to be looked down upon often times by not only the heterosexual community, but the gay community as well.

The general argument that people enjoy making against bisexuality is that a person is being indecisive, and as such leading on multiple people without any regard to those individuals feelings. They will argue these are people that will hop in bed with anyone just because they feel like and as such put a large amount of people at risk as they spread disease through both male and female partners. People make a lot of illogical arguments when it comes to bisexuals to make them appear immoral.

The truth is bisexual people aren’t bisexual because they can’t decide what they they like, but because they realize they value qualities found in both men and women as both friends and sexual partners. They simply are people whom are receptive to an intimate relationship with any individual they connect with regardless of gender. There is further no proof that bisexuals are promiscuous or practice unsafe sex any more than any other gay or straight person. You can’t say a person whom is that self aware and tolerant to the differences in people in regards of love and sexuality is immoral.

Then we have to examine the double standard in play. While the double standard isn’t solely enforced by men, they do tend to at least appear to be the main force behind it. Many men have the fantasy of the threesome which includes two women, and while they see nothing wrong with that, should their woman leave them for another woman suddenly it is a question of morality. if she were to leave him for another man, that’s just a part of life. Many women will express the same thing in a reversed situation. Somehow people can easily flog the morality of being bisexual when it personally touches their lives, but find it perfectly acceptable for everyone else. Taking that attitude is what lacks morals, not being bisexual.

Being bisexual if that is a persons true sexual orientation is no more immoral than being gay or heterosexual. Being something that you are not is immoral. Chastising others for being them self and randomly enforcing double standards is immoral. Simply being who you are and living the best way you know how is not a moral problem, it is a moral victory.

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