Why “Work IT” Didn’t work for me

6 Jan

With all the buzz around the television “work It” for reasons both good and bad, I decided to give the show a watch. I’m not offended by the premise of a show that centers around a couple guys dressing up like women. If anyone is offended by that, they need to take a big step back and chill the hell out! Seriously, it’s entertainment, or at least it’s trying to be. if you can’t laugh at something that mirrors your community, you can’t laugh at all. Maybe I did find it funny in part because I’m not a transvestite and I think in general anything that makes Autumn Sandeen put on one of his many hats to lead the charge against yet another pointless cause is funny.

The show itself was mediocre. I didn’t watch it when it debuted, I caught it online. I didn’t care enough about it for a big to do over the debut. This is what I see as the main problems the show faced:

— I don’t buy the idea of men dressing as women to get a better paying job., Find me any woman that does.

— The two guys they got for the leads didn’t convince me. maybe one day they will be excellent actors. maybe they are right now but just not in the roles. I didn’t buy their performance – even for a comedy.

— Compared to “Bososm Buddies” which starred Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks, this show really blew.

— I couldn’t suspend disbelief often or fast enough to make the show entertaining. You accept there is some fantasy in any show to make it move along smoothly – not as much as this show had though.

— It’s not entertaining. The general idea of a comedy about a couple of transvestites, or drag queens if that fits better as they did this to work, is fine with me. What wasn’t fine is the show’s writers sucked at it.

Work IT is almost certainly going to go away. It only got like 6 million viewers. It was almost set to fail from the start because no one is going to beat NCIS with Mark Harmon – at least not a crappy show like this.

I have seen a lot of people taking credit for getting the show killed – even though that is still technically a tad premature. No group of angered trannies got this show killed. Autumn Sandeen and his penis brigade did not get this show killed. Mark Harmon and the kick-ass writers of NCIS got it killed by providing a better product. Deal with it.

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