Is there such a thing as the gay agenda?

2 Jan

In 1992 the term “gay agenda” entered the public lexicon to describe what some conservative and anti-gay groups felt was a push for the normalization of homosexuality at the expense of heterosexuals. What they considered to be a gay agenda in all actuality really didn’t exist, it was in fact their own belief that such a thing existed which actually breathed new life into the gay rights movement which should not be confused with the gay agenda. Whether the term agenda is totally appropriate or not is really little more than an argument of semantics, however in plain terms thanks to these conservative and anti-gay organizations there now is what could be considered a gay-agenda.The true story behind it may surprise you.

In 1992 it was theorized the LGBT community had been plotting to push an agenda which included same sex marriage, gay adoption, the provision to allow gays to openly serve in the military, and the inclusion of LGBT persons as a legally protected minority group with “special” rights and provisions under the law which heterosexuals would be barred from. This however was not the actual truth. Gay people did desire the right to marry and adopt children then just as now, however there were no truly concerted efforts to make such movements a visible reality. It was actually the U.S government which proposed the idea of open service in the military in an attempt to retain skilled servicemen and women in the ranks whom were gay as well as allow the ability to recruit them to bolster what was a waning military personnel base. On the final issue, there was no request for any “special” rights or provisions, just equal rights to the same basic liberties heterosexual people enjoyed.

As time moved on over the next sixteen years some advances towards making the perceived gay agenda mandates had been realized. The Don’t Ask/ Don’t Tell – Don’t Harass/Don’t Pursue policy was instituted in the military which allowed the legal enlistment of gays, but not open service. Gay marriage was eventually passed in Massachusetts, then California (Which was overturned by Proposition 8), and most recently Connecticut. Gay adoption has been passed in a few more states, but is still being blocked in the vast majority. Finally no special rights have ever been handed out to the LGBT community, if anything basic rights have been denied or revoked.

As the public became more accepting of the LGBT and their plight, disgruntled conservative, private membership organizations, individuals, and some religious groups began re-defining what they considered to be the gay agenda. In 2005 many of these organizations released their findings which included the following points they considered the “new gay Agenda” which is in reality little more than an attempt to smear LGBT persons as people committed to destroying society, and America in particular, through some secretive network that just does not exist.

A) The gay agenda encourages gays to marry each other so they can donate their marriage tax credits to organizations which want to destroy heterosexual norms.

B) Once married gay couples have gained the right and secured the benefits legally afforded the institution, they will all divorce each other to mock the sanctity of the union.

C) Take over the fashion industry so that “gay” fashion will be the norm and make gay and heterosexual people indistinguishable from one another in public.

D) Gays want to be allowed to serve openly in the military so they can rise to power and destroy it from the inside.

E) The gay community has hand picked persons posing as heterosexuals they are covertly supporting for public office so that they may take over the government as part of a larger plot to destroy heterosexuality and deny their rights.

F) That gays are encouraged to lie about their sexual orientation when donating blood or plasma products so they they can taint the world’s supply of the commodities and render them useless.

G) Infiltrate the publishing and education industry so gay subtext can be hidden in school books, everyday journalism, and covertly passed along to young children as part of a brainwashing scheme to turn people gay.

H) Sexually seduce straight men and women as an attempt to recruit them to the “gay lifestyle” and further destroy the institution of marriage.

The list goes on and on and becomes increasingly hard to believe, Most rational people gay or straight do not believe this to be truth, and can scan the above examples of the supposed gay agenda and see that is both ridiculous and impossible. Still, organizations like the Traditional Families Coalition, Concerned Women for America, Family Research Council, The Christian Coalition, and Morality in Media, just to name a few, pass this off as if it were gospel to their members via newsletters and their websites in whole or part every single day.

Considering the above information it is plain there is a gay agenda. That cannot be argued. It is however also clearly plain it is not homosexuals that have a gay agenda, but rather various anti-gay organizations that do. If a person sits down and is honest with them self and thinks rationally and objectively, does the gay agenda which supposedly exists make sense? Is it something that can actually be done and carried out in such a secretive manner you’ve never heard of it’s components? The answer would point to no.

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