The myths people believe about homosexuality

1 Jan

When it comes to homosexuality everyone with an opinion is an expert. At least it seems that way. I have always found it both odd and humorous that many of the “experts” on what gay people are, or what makes us gay are in fact straight. To be perfectly honest I have no idea under the sun why I was born lesbian and neither do any doctors to a definitive degree. Yet the answer to that and many other questions if not outright myths are floated as fact everyday through almost every imaginable venue.

Of current importance seems to be the argument of nature or nurture when it comes to determining if a person is born gay or chooses to be gay. From a personal perspective I have to say it is an inborn trait. I say this because before I ever knew what gay or straight was I knew what I liked, and I liked girls. I had no concept of this being viewed as wrong by anyone, I to this day still can’t conceive of why anyone does. From a medical standpoint brain mapping homosexual persons has shown clear and predictable variation to the hypothalmus of LGBT persons. The easiset way to dispell the myth that people choose to be gay is to ask yourself if people choose to be straight? If you have a certain sexual orientation can you just choose to change it at a whim? Furthermore as sexual identity is formed before we even have any idea what it is, can we therefore conciously choose what ours will be?

Another myth is that gay men are effeminate and and lesbians are masculine. How this myth persists is beyond me. Sure television has portrayed certain characters as over the top fitting the sterotype for entertainment value, but more often than not they are portrayed accurately. Yes there are some effeminate gay men and some butch lesbians in the LGBT community. It is also true there are some effeminate men and butch women in the straight community. it isn’t uncommon for people to view anyone too femme or butch as being queer with no foundation of proof cementing the myth in their mind.

Gay men are generally employed in careers regarded as “womens” work. Of course there are some who are, I thank god my hardresser is! For the most part though gay men choose their career path the same as anyone else, they find something they are good at and enjoy which will support them. Gay men are in every walk of employment from entertainment to the military and have been forever. Likewise lesbians are not all mechanics and carpenters holding jobs in fields viewed as male. The fact is you may find a gay accountant doing your taxes, a lesbian doctor suturing your wounds, or a bisexual pharmacist filling your prescription. Gay and lesbian people are not limited to their career choices by their sexual preference.

Another widely held myth is that all transsexuals or transgender people in general are gay. More often than not you will find the bulk of these people are in fact straight. They do not as many people believe pursue a surgical resolution to their condition to become straight and eschew being gay. They simply want to feel congruous mind and body. Gender identity and sexual preference are completely unrelated issues yet this myth persists.

Gay men are predators. The fact is there are far more straight men convicted both as a whole and by percentage of predatory same sex crimes than gay men. This myth persists because it is assumed everytime a boy is molested it must be by a gay man trolling for victims. According to the FBI this is untrue as in most cases it is a family member or family friend perpetrating these acts and that they are in fact most often straight but looking for a controlling element in the relationship. Psychologist further theorize these people choose their victims on availibility, not sex, making a girl just as likely to be the victim of these predators if conveniently available. Television and slanted news reporting has however continued to ride this myth for ratings not allowing the truth of the matter to come out.

Homosexuals are seeking to undermine the foundations of religion and governement. This is absolutely preposterous. For starters the only thing homosexuals want from the government is equal rights as garunteed in the Bill of Rights. Homosexuals are not seeking to set up a “Velvet Regime” of dictatorship and dominate the globe, just gain equality. Period. As per religion no homosexual person I know wants to do away with religion, in fact many are religious in their own right. What we do want to do is end the days of subjective interpretation of the word of whatever god one subscribes to as a rationale for discrimination. I realize that many churches do not want to marry smae sex couples as they see that as against their beliefs and I respect and support that. What I do not respect or support is using the pulpit to preach hate or intolerance toward any group of people in the name of some god out there in the ether.

Homosexuals are seeking special rights and will use nay means necessary to gain them. Again this is a silly myth that persists because people have no knowledge of what are rights and what are “special rights.” Rights are those akin to what we all learned in school, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These are rights the LGBT community has had usurped for ages. These are not special, these are to be endowed on all men and are supposed to be self evident. That is what homosexuals are seeking. Special rights are those conferred upon special groups of people like the disabled, veterans, etc… A special right would be being allowed to take a service animal into a restaurant. A special right would be earning lifetime medical coverage due to a war injury or a garunteed mortgage loan for a veteran. The right to get married in contrast is not a special right, it is simply a right.

In conjunction with the previous myth comes the reference to “at any cost.” There are far too many people that think Gay Pride celebrations are really recruiting drives to convert people to homosexuality, spread moral decay, and flaunt abhorrent sexual deviations, and that they will end if those “special” rights gays demand are met. Seriously this theory is out there. You just can’t make this stuff up. In actuality Gay Pride is nothing more than celebrating the stance taken at, and people of the Stonewall Rebellion. It is an occassion to honor their memory, celebrate the movement they started, and remind ourselves the struggle for equality must continue. As a bonus it is a chance to network, enjoy some wonderful entertainment, and eat some greasy vendor food garunteed to ruin your diet. If you want true decadence, deviance and moral decay go to Mardi Gras, Carnivale, or a St. Patricks day parade.

While there are as many myths about the homosexual community as there are people, these are some of the nagging ones that simply refuse to die. With each passing generation we think they will disappear but in most cases they only mildly subside. What new myth will emerge tommorow or next year is anyones guess, but these have withstood the test time and become established as the true conteders for the Darwin Award of backward thought.

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