Transgender -vs- Transsexual – Should transgenders be speaking for transsexuals?

29 Dec

I’ve always been a big fan of trying to be all inclusive and just get along to go along. The past year however has made me look at things a little differently. For the first time, I’ve reached a point when I’m in the group that says “I’m transsexual, but not transgender.” That sounds impossible given the definitions assigned to anyone that has ever exhibited or thought of exhibiting any form of gender variance, but there is a logocal point to be made. It’s not about feeling superior, being purposely exclusionary or some irrational shame. It’s about what is best for me and what I think is likely best for most transsexual people. Not that I want to be a spokesperson for anything or any group, but there needs to be a clearer line in the sand.

Transsexual people are very different from the rest of the crowd huddled under the umbrella that has become known as transgender. I think the most striking thing is that transsexualism is a medical condition that does come with a treatment – a treatment that is accepted as 94%+ effective. Once that treatment has been completed, it is my feeling, that the person in question really shouldn’t even be considered transsexual because they are the gender they have transitioned to mentally, emotionally and physically. The transsexual label does need to remain on the individuals medical records for obvious reasons, but aside from that, the label drifts away unless the individual chooses to hang onto it for whatever reasons they have.

A transsexual person cannot turn being transsexual on and off.  There are no part time transsexuals. It is an experience that a person who is not a transsexual cannot understand wholly. It is a state of being that does not translate to a drag queen or king because they are in drag part-time to perform. For them, adopting an opposite gender role is a job. It is a finite experience. Similarly, being a transvestite is something that can be controlled. A man dressing up in women’s clothes because it helps him get off or feel good is not being transsexual. It is playing dress up no matter how elaborate they deck out. Gender queers, gender rebels, the questioning crowd and all those that make up the remainder of the transgender family do not have a corresponding experience to transsexuals. It’s not said to be mean, it’s just a fact.

Why would I or any other person of a transsexual history want someone that does not intimately understand what it is to be trranssexual to be a spokesperson for me or those like me? Autumn Sandeen, for instance, has some fans. Some people believe he is the voice of all things trans. To me, he is a man playing dress up. Castrating yourself does not make you a woman. Saying “gender is between the ears, sex is between the legs” is a nice soundbite, but it doesn’t change the fact that women don’t have a penis. A person that is transsexual feels a revulsion for their penis because it does not belong. it is not the way they express them self sexually. if a person was truly transsexual, or a woman, they would understand that. Autumn Sandeen does not. No matter what scam he pulled to change his driver’s license, he has a penis and is a man. Period.

Because of Autumn Sandeen and his posse of “women with penises” hit squad, I came to this realization. They do not speak for me. I don’t see any way shape or form that their fetish for transvestitism somehow equates to transsexuality. I see why they want people to believe it does as it lends legitimacy to their world of make believe, but that’s all it is for them – fantasy. This is one of those cases where I actually see the term “slippery slope” literally being the correct term. What would be next? Who would the next “protected class” be? Why are we glorifying a fetish? Why are we making it easier for these fetishists to put their fetish in our face?

If transvestites like Autumn Sandeen and her crew want to be transvestites, that is fine. Go for it! Just don’t try to claim that we have some “bond” because you dress like a woman and I am a woman. Some things should be kept to the privacy of the home. if a transvestite chooses to go out in public dressed as the gender opposite of what their physical sex is, they just have to deal with the potential ramifications. That doesn’t mean violence, but it does mean using the bathroom that corresponds to their plumbing (They aren’t in transition after all) and dealing with any stares or unpleasantness that come their way.

Don’t cut off your balls and tell me that it is a “gender affirmation” that you are a woman – it just affirms you still have dick. Don’t demand to be treated like a woman, but then scream for everyone to hear that you “have a cock” the first time it proves convenient for you -as Mr. Sandeen has done in the past – see her DC detention for more on that. A real woman cannot play the “I have a dick” card because they do not have a dick.

Again, do what you want so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Speak for those that WANT you to speak for them. Mr. Sandeen and his crew do not understand me. They have nothing in common with me that somehow bonds us in the world that is “T”. Don’t speak for me, you’re no sister of mine dude!

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