Why do people judge gays and lesbians?

10 Dec

The reason people judge gays and lesbians could be one of many things, or more likely a combination of factors. People that judge, not just gays, but anyone in general, are not necessarily bad people, they are people that for the most part just need a little guidance so they can understand the people they are judging better and end that practice. Over the years most LGBT persons will hear and read far too many diverse judgements against them to ever fully list, however there are a few which are very common and for the most part could be easily avoided with nothing more than the two parties sitting down and talking to each other.

A common basis for judgment is unfortunately often based on religious beliefs. Why judging based on religious beliefs is often the saddest of all is that most religions teach not to judge, so judging in the name of a God whom says do not judge is illogical, and in many cases makes that person judging look foolish. If you do not know your God’s word well enough to know not to judge, then how reliable is your understanding of who or what he approves or disapproves of? This is not said as a slight against anyone of faith as faith is a thing to be treasured, but it raises questions and paints a poor picture as a basis for judging a person if you in effect say it is okay to enforce the views you like and avoid enforcing those which you find inconvenient.

A second look at why people judge gays and lesbians is just ignorance. Some people really do not know, or are blissfully unaware of gays and lesbians in their life. Because they have no personal contact with these people, again so far as they know, they have no face to match with the word gay. Therefore it is impersonal and easy to pass judgement because they are not judging an individual they face on a daily or regular basis, but rather a faceless unknown group of people. Often when these people come to the realization they know, and often like some gay and lesbian people they reassess their thoughts to some small degree at least and become a bit more tolerant. On the other hand some get angry and judge even harsher to their own personal loss.

Yet another reason people judge gays and lesbians is because for some reason they just do not like them. Often these people do know gays or lesbians and have simply decided for no particular reason that they deserve their judgement based on nothing more than the fact they are different from themselves. Sadly these are often the same people who judge nearly everyone that is different from them self. Even worse they tend to judge those closest to them, like a family member that may be gay or lesbian the harshest of all. There is simply no explanation, they judge based on nothing more than some form of pure dislike, sometimes even hatred.

Sometimes judgement is an institutional thing in which a person continues this practice because they were raised in an environment in which it was a common practice. They are not always sure why they judge, nor are they fully in agreement with it sometimes. They simply accept that this is an acceptable practice because it is they way they have always known things to be. Sometimes this practice of judging begins in the home, school, some other social circle, or all of the above with one reinforcing the other in this belief that judging is okay. Usually this factor is present in conjunction with other reasons people judge rather than something which stands firmly on its own.

Then there is selective judgement of gays and lesbians which almost everyone is familiar with in some limited form. At some point people have heard harsh criticisms from someone about a gay man per se, but in the next breath heard lesbians are okay or some such statement. It can even be extended to the point where they may say all gays are bad or wrong except for maybe Elton John, or James Dean, or some other wildly popular entertainer. The only reason they can cite is that “they are just different.” Why judging of this nature often happens is the person doing the judging really enjoys some things a gay person creates, but they still do not want to admit they do. So in effect they elevate that person they do like to some “above and beyond status” so they are released from judgment and they can continue judging others they may encounter in their daily life free from guilt. It is an odd phenomena of deifying a person whom would normally be judged harshly just because they have done something the person judging personally likes and can rationalize no other way. Most often this is based on fear, a fear that liking a gay person would by proxy make them gay, or cause others to view them as gay, either option being unacceptable in their eyes.

People judge everyday and will continue to judge so long as man walks the Earth. Why people will continue to judge gays and lesbians is the same reason all people are judged, fear, ignorance, institutionalized beliefs, and irrational thoughts. There really is no changing it, but there is the ability to lessen it which would be a gift to all people, not just gays and lesbians.

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