Is homosexuality natural?

6 Dec

When did you choose to be straight? Can you recall the instance, the day, or the motivating factor to choose that as your sexual identity – assuming you are heterosexual? I’m not just a lesbian, but a transsexual lesbian and I will be the first to admit I cannot recall the day I made that “choice.” The reason I cannot is because it isn’t a choice, it is an inborn part of self identity. The only choice I or any homosexual person has regarding our sexuality is to embrace or deny it. That is it.

Few topics elicit more heated debate than whether or not homosexuality is a choice or if it is an inborn trait, nature or nurture. Aside from politics and religion, homosexuality may be the hot button topic of the next quarter century. Still the question persists as to whether or not homosexuality is natural.

For starters there are thirty eight variations of the word “natural.” For our purposes however we will use the most common definition which is “existing in or formed by nature.” Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. Can you as an individual be persuaded to freely change your sexual identity? Have you as an individual been “recruited” or pressured to become a homosexual? Would you as an individual willingly make yourself a member of one of the most misunderstood, marginalized, stigmatized, and in all honesty wrongly vilified groups of people on the planet? As the word in question here is natural, are homosexuals conceived and born naturally existing in this physical plane, or are they otherworldly beings beamed down from the mother ship? And even if homosexuals were from another planet, wouldn’t they still be of nature? The answer is undeniably yes.

You cannot change who you are attracted to anymore than you can change the Earth’s gravitational pull. I have never in my life heard of homosexuals going door to door recruiting people to join the gang like religious or political groups do. It just doesn’t work that way. Likewise, unless you are a glutton for punishment, you wouldn’t willingly place yourself in a potentially disadvantaged position when it comes to functioning in every aspect of your life, primarily the social and financial arenas. Would you in all honesty willingly and consciously choose to be scorned by society, denied basic civil rights, risk losing family and friends, and be subject to violence? Homosexuality has become so vehemently opposed that many homosexuals for years have faced the internal struggle of whether to come out or not as coming out does limit the choices one has in life in far too many localities around the globe because a minority of people holding political sway find it disagreeable. A person comes out as being gay because it is who they naturally are, not because they woke up and chose to be gay out of the blue.

Alfred Kinsey developed the Kinsey scale in 1948 which first began exploring sexuality in all it’s forms. While studies over the following sixty years have both upheld and refuted his claims it does well to look at the organizations on each side. The two major bones of contention are that homosexuality is natural and not a mental disorder or lifestyle choice, and that about ten percent of the population is homosexual. While the medical and scientific communities have widely upheld these axioms and removed the stigma attached to homosexuality in their fields, the religious right has fought these findings tooth and nail as have the political overlords opposed to equality for this maligned group of people.

While no single smoking gun has been found that undeniably causes homosexuality on the organic level there has been a study that does point in that direction. In 1999 a study on the brain maps of homosexuals was conducted in which the hypothalamus of gay participants was found to be in accordance with their sexual identity and not their biologic sex. What this simply means is that men that identified as gay showed a smaller hypothalamus which is equated to women, and lesbians a larger hypothalamus equated to men. In autopsies of the transsexual community these studies were upheld and showed that the transpeople also had differences in the BSTC region of the brain which further separated them from their gay counterparts. As all straight identified persons showed no differences from what would be expected, this is difficult for anyone to refute. These differences are caused by hormonal and chromosomal inconsistencies which are beyond the control of a person and cannot simply be “fixed” by chemistry. In short these conditions are present at birth. This study has been upheld on two separate occasions by two independent facilities which lends credibility to the original findings, most recently in 2008 as reported by CBS and ABC world news.

Does anyone actually believe homosexuality is learned behavior? There are certainly some who do, but they fail to be able to prove it and I have yet to meet a gay person that has said they “learned to be gay” and I know quite a few. A favorite argument against homosexuals, or the natural state of homosexuality, is when people argue it is a lifestyle that takes 20 years off your life so it is therefore unnatural. Where is it proved that homosexuality takes twenty years off your life? Twenty one years ago in a Canadian Province that was true, but by 1996 it had been shown that was unfounded by the very researchers that first theorized it. Note the word “theorized” as it was unproven, only a thought. If that was true all gays would be dead before they turned sixty. Either that or gays are naturally predisposed to live to nearly a hundred and their deaths at around eighty are twenty years early. Please think logically. We can see that is false and therefore not something caused by an “unnatural” act.

Of course there is the AIDS argument, but AIDS is prevalent in the straight community as well as it spreads rapidly due to the fact that about 60% of married men and 40% of married women have affairs. Better than a third of AIDS victims are intravenous drug users as well. On the global scale AIDS is as prevalent in the straight community as the gay community. In fact straight sex is now the number one mode of passing AIDS according to the Center for Disease Control. If this makes being gay unnatural it also equally makes being straight unnatural.

Perhaps the segment of society against the naturalness of homosexuality and by extension homosexuals should realize that the simple fact is we are all born, breathe, eat, live, and die.None of us are exempt from those natural functions. It doesn’t matter how you address the question of whether homosexuality is natural or not, the answer is always the same, and it is always yes. To say otherwise is to speak purely out of emotion and disregard logic. exual/ tml

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