The World Versus LGBT People – Is it really us versues them?

5 Dec

When considering a statement like the “World versus gay people” the first thing that comes to mind is how untrue and misleading that is. It may feel that way sometimes. It may be said by certain people on each side of the sexual orientation divide as well, but it is something that really holds no water. It is understandable that there are radicals, both heterosexual and homosexual, who believe that the world is an “us against them” environment, but logic dictates that to be not only baseless, but a sad way to view the world and people that inhabit it.

There is no denying that if you look around enough you will find some churches and organizations which will preach blanket statements of how there is a real and pressing need to confront and defeat the gay community. Some of these people are misguided and think they are doing it for the good of the gay person to bring them the opportunity to find everlasting salvation. In other cases the groups that preach the same need to crush gays do so because the have a genuine dislike, fear of, or actual hate for gay people. They have no illusions that they are trying to somehow help gays through some twisted logic, but rather that they knowingly and openly want to see these people actually perish.

Looking at the other side of the lawn there are radical gay groups whom preach that all heterosexuals are oppressors and need to be fought tooth and nail at every turn on every issue. They advocate the use of reverse discrimination whenever possible, sometimes even violence. They live by the flawed logic that you cannot support a gay person if you are not yourself a gay person.

Each view is equally wrong and sad. The fact is that gay and straight people are far more alike than many people in the above groups like to admit. Some of those heterosexual people operate under the belief that no gay has ever done anything to benefit them in life and never will. Some of these gays operate under the fallacy that no straight person could possibly support them or their needs and desires for equality and are only out to harm them. Think of how pitiful life is to be lived with those types of mindsets.

Gays have contributed to things heterosexual people enjoy and use everyday. From well before da Vinici’s masterpieces and engineering designs to some of the earliest designers of microchips, gay people have created things we all enjoy. Likewise heterosexuals have created things all gay people use and enjoy. Gays served with great honor and distinction in the armed forces and countless other positions even when they were officially unwanted, and heterosexuals helped create and operate some of the most powerful LGBT organizations on the planet like PFLAG, Lambda Legal, and the HRC.

You simply cannot say the world is against gay people or gays are against heterosexual people when you examine such simple things as that. Were it not for countless heterosexual people that stood up alongside their gay family, friends, and even people they never met before to fight for their rights and basic human needs, the gay rights movement would be dead. You can go to any demonstration concerning gay rights and find a healthy dose of straight people there fighting for gays because they feel it is the right thing to do. You can go to any gay pride parade and find more heterosexual people than you can shake a stick at because they want to show their support.

In short you cannot judge all straight people and make a blanket statement like the world is against gay people because it is just wrong. Some people in the world are against gays, some organizations are against gays, but that is a far cry from the world. It may feel as if everyone is against gays some days, nearly every LGBT person has felt that way for a fleeting moment at least, but the statement has no leg to stand on and is unfair.

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