First date mistakes to avoid for lesbians

8 Sep

When it comes to lesbian first date mistakes they are for the most part the same mistakes that can be made in any dating configuration you can imagine. Lesbians are in no way immune to the same foul ups everyone else makes, but at times it seems they may make a few blunders unique to them alone. Of course that may be stereotyping a little bit as each individual is different and prone to find new and creative ways to foul up a first date, but since we are going to discuss this topic, why not have some fun with it.

Right away throw the stereotyped roles out the door. Just because you identify as a butch and your date identifies as a femme or lipstick in no way means she wants you to act like a man. If she wanted someone that acted like a man she would be dating one. Just be yourself and don’t try to portray yourself as anything you are not. The same can be said about any of the classifications of lesbians, just be yourself and not the stereotype of the way you look.

Don’t automatically assume that as daughters of Sappho you are the same. The fact is that not all lesbians are going to have the same interests, goals, and views. Your date may not care in the least what piece of legislation concerning gay rights is stalled in the house. Just because your date looks butch does not mean she is going to now how to tune up your engine, and not everyone sees their future the same. If everyone did it would be a boring world.

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The point of the first date is to get to know each other while at the same time not giving up too much of your personal information. This is tricky but not impossible. Let your date talk as much as she wants, and really listen to what she is saying! make eye contact and show her you are interested. Eyes that wander from one waitress to another or every tight body that walks past you is not going to get you to the second date. When there are awkward silences don’t force conversation, just go with the flow. First dates are awkward to begin with so this is perfectly natural, don’t sweat it. When something needs to be said it will come up.

Don’t go overboard and put your date in a situation that is not comfortable for them. This is true of any dating situation actually as an uncomfortable first date usually doubles as an uncomfortable last date. Although it sounds childish try to keep the upper hand by choosing a date plan you know is something your partner will love, even if you aren’t all together crazy about it. Better yet, let your date choose the agenda.

Finally don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. A good first date doesn’t necessarily mean sex at the end of the night followed by the obligatory U-Haul party. There is no need to rush, not that there is anything wrong with a little action on the first. Just let things flow and don’t push it. If it is going to happen it will and you will both let each other know naturally.

The common mistakes made by lesbians on a first date as you can see are really no different than those made by any couple. use your common sense and be who you are and there will be no problem with your first date, at least on your end of things. Of course you can choose differently and ignore this OWL and take your chances, the choice is all yours.


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