Guide to gay friendly hotel chains

15 Aug

The most gay friendly hotel chains are regularly voted on by participants of surveys across the web, through travel agencies, and several companies that make it their bread and butter to know where many target groups are spending their money. The problem is they don’t always get it right as any regular LGBT traveler can tell you right away. If you are an LGBT person planning your next trip and want to spend your money with a business you know is going to support the same platform on gay and human rights you do as well as meet your special needs and desires without it being an issue, there are five excellent hotel chains you can depend on for this.

Photo by: Kadir Celik

The Hyatt Hotels are nearly the gold standard for LGBT travelers. They amassed a perfect score from the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) and have been a long time supporter of gay rights initiatives. In 2006 Hyatt took top honors in PlanetOut’s travel awards and have been a strong finisher ever since. Their commitment to the LGBT community can further be seen through their sponsorship of the GLAAD Awards, as well as being one of the first major hotel chains to nationally run gay friendly advertising campaigns. So far as what you can expect when staying at a Hyatt, quality is the key. Hyatt is in a constant state of updates to make sure their guests enjoy all the amenities in clean, safe luxurious rooms and locations. As Hyatt is in nearly every mid and large market they are easy to find and offer great discount packages.

While Joi de Vivre has not yet expanded outside of California, its 37 hotels are enough to qualify them for this list. The Phoenix and Hotel Rex are regarded as their two favorite hotels among LGBT travelers. The offer everything from the hip cutting edge style modern hotels that are a favorite with younger travelers to the older style offerings of decades past that attract travelers that want to immerse them self in luxury. Guests of Joi de Vivre can expect to be made extraordinarily comfortable while staying with them, and will be treated to their unique city guide which explicitly highlights gay life and attractions. It may cost a little extra to stay at a Joi de Vivre hotel, but the comfort and extras aimed solely at LGBT persons makes it worthwhile.

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Red Carnation is a chain that appeals more to the international traveler with locations stretching from London to Capetown South Africa. What you can expect from a Red Carnation stay is sheer luxury as each of their locations rates a minimum of a 4 stars.

What separates Red Carnation from many LGBT friendly hotels is they go the extra mile to cater to the gay community. Where allowed they offer civil partnership ceremonies (Or marriages), have concierges that are well versed in not only where the top gay nightspots and destinations are, but what they have to offer. This is obviously a huge benefit to guests as there is a big difference between giving directions to a location and being a knowledgeable guide. A Red Carnation stay is pricey regardless of what country you are in, but you will not leave one of their properties ever feeling as if you were unwelcome or didn’t get the best bang for your dollar.

Propose on Pride

Klimpton Hotels have been a mainstay of almost every survey conducted on the best gay friendly hotels since they began. Starting with the fact that the Klimpton chain has gone out of their way to insure their LGBT employees had full rights to everything they offer (including insurance coverage for partners) to the special discounts offered to LGBT guests available in person and online, Klimpton set the trend for others to follow. They are one of the few chains that has been a longtime regular advertiser in LGBT media outlets, they regularly donate to LGBT charities, and they offer special “Propose on Pride” guest packages which are phenomenal!

The final most gay friendly hotel to make the grade is W Hotels. The W Hotel chain has gone out of their way to made all the wording in their advertising same sex inclusive as can be seen with their regular “Wow Vows” campaign. Their big draw is the “Pride 365” package which includes not only accommodations, but all the frills like cocktails, subscriptions to OUT, and OUT Traveler, as well as assorted ever changing goodies left for each guest in their room compliments of the management, and no the goodies aren’t travel sized shampoo.

While there are certainly more hotels which are gay friendly across the world, these are the elite. To be a truly gay friendly hotel it takes more than talking the talk, these hotels walk the walk. They have gone to great lengths to say and do the right thing in regards to treating gay travelers equally. You won’t find these hotel chains donating money to defeat gay marriage or denying their gay employees the same benefits their straight employees enjoy. Beyond that they top it off with excellent facilities and services which will always treat you like a king, or queen depending on your preference!

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